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Former Royal Navy chief says ‘Putin couldn’t give a s**t about his people dying’ and NATO warns the world to ‘prepare for the long haul’

1st Feb 23 1:39 pm

The former Royal Navy chief Lord Alan West has warned that the war in Ukraine will be “much longer and bloodier” as Russia are set for their new offensive.

Lord West who is a former Cold War commander warned that Russia are to launch a new Spring offensive and he believes Ukraine will see some of the “bloodier” and brutal fighting since the war started.

Thanks to Western weaponry Ukraine have been able to push Russia back, but Lord West does not believe the war is getting anywhere near to the end.

Lord West who is also a former Security Minister for the British government, told the MailOnline, “I’m afraid it will be much longer and bloodier. I think if we hadn’t given any weapons to Ukraine then I think they would have start being pushed back. This means they won’t be.

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“Even then it will be a stalemate. The casualties will go on. Putin doesn’t care about his people dying.

“He couldn’t give a s**t about them.

“It’s totally unacceptable what he is doing. He is a loathsome chap. He has thrown a complete blight to the world.

“People are starving, the world economy has been thrown into chaos, he is an absolutely dreadful man.”

NATO’s general secretary Jens Stoltenberg has said Moscow are preparing around 200,000 more soldiers for the new Spring offensive.

Stoltenberg said that there is “no sign” Vladimir Putin wants peace and warned that Moscow are planning for “more war.”

Speaking in South Korea Stoltenberg said the world need to “prepare for the long haul” and he added that it is “extremely important that Putin doesn’t win.”

Ukrainian and Western intelligence officials believe that Russia could initiate a blitzkrieg to take Kyiv and Russian and Belarusian troops have been training together since April.

The severity and the mass build up of military exercises in Belarus are at the highest since the Cold War sparking fears that Russian and Belarusian forces could be preparing to attack Kyiv.

A Polish defence analyst has warned that the “everything points towards Belarus joining the war” as they have “practiced every military capability” to invade Ukraine with Russia.

The Polish defence analyst told Sky News, “The intensity and the scope of military activity that the Belarusians have been undertaking has been the highest since the end of the Cold War.

“We have never seen Belarusian forces train so much. Since the end of April, they have essentially practiced every military capability that would be needed for Belarus to join the war.

“They have also tested the mobilisation capacity, they recently announced that they finished updating the data for all Belarusian reservists.

“What this means is that the reserve system is now ready for mobilisation. What we need now is a political decision to start mobilisation and go to war.

“Whether or not this will happen, we don’t know, because we have no insight into what [Belarussian President] Lukashenko is thinking.

“But everything points at Belarus joining the war sometime in the future.”

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