Home Business News Russian and Chinese spies are developing ‘a swarm platform for coordinated autonomous drone’ to drop bombs on targets

Russian and Chinese spies are developing ‘a swarm platform for coordinated autonomous drone’ to drop bombs on targets

by LLB Reporter
31st Jan 23 4:20 pm

China has sent “clandestine shipments” of more than 2,500 DJI Mavic2 drones to Moscow and the Wagner mercenary group are attempting to develop a “swarm platform for coordinated autonomous drone” attacks in Ukraine.

The drones shipped in from Beijing can carry explosive tips identify their targets which can also drop bombs in Ukraine.

An intelligence report has revealed that Russian and Chinese spies have held meetings along with cyber experts and the Wagner Group to develop a “swarm network” by using artificial intelligence which will cause maximum destruction and can be used to gather intelligence for coordinated air strikes.

The Daily Mirror who saw the intelligence report said, “The group [Wagner] is attempting to develop a swarm platform for coordinated autonomous drone orchestration using the 2,500 delivered recently from China.

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“The communications channel between the Wagernites and the Chinese Communist Party is in two cloaked networks, one in Russia and one in China.”

The document added, “That network is responsible for the clandestine shipments of war materials being used against Ukraine, regardless of how much the Chinese deny it.”

The swarm technology is something similar to the 2019 Gerard Butler film, the Angel Has Fallen where a swarm of armed drones attacked the US President played by Morgan Freeman.

A weapons expert told the Mirror, “This swarm drone technology is at the centre of the new arms race – and Russia is throwing everything it has at it.

“By using artificial intelligence, it could launch a swarm of drones, which would be much harder to defend against, having it a specific mission.

“The swarm would then be able to either feed mass surveillance imagery back to a base in real-time so that it can be targeted or attack with bombs or both.”

In St Petersburg Wagner have set up an IT research and development office to design swarm technology.

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