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Finance to buy a static caravan

by John Saunders
14th Sep 21 10:24 am

Have you seen the perfect spot you want to live in and picture yourself in a small yet functional house? Then static caravans can be a great fit for your goals! Learn about static caravans and how you can get one in this article.

What’s a static caravan?

Unlike its more famous counterpart, a touring caravan, the static version is purchased with the goal of putting it in one place for an extended period of time.

While a touring caravan may be lacking some details of comfort for the sake of lighter travel, static caravans give their owners more space for furniture and appliances. These additional items are the things that can make static caravans feel like your cozy home sweet home.

Why Pick a Static Caravan?

Purchasing a static caravan is not only an excellent investment for your future but is also one of the most adventurous lifestyle changes you can get.

It’s good for the environment

Less space used means less carbon footprint. For example, using electricity for vacuuming contributes to this phenomenon. A big house means more spaces to clean. Choosing a smaller home will lessen your cleaning time and decrease electricity usage and even save you money.

It alleviates the stress of mortgage

Owning a big house also often comes with a mortgage. Such a loan will follow you for years until it’s completely paid off and will weigh on your shoulders, among other expenses. Selecting a static caravan over the grand house means a smaller mortgage and more manageable payments.

It’s great for mental well-being

Aside from the fewer expenses brought about by less cleaning time and a smaller mortgage, living in a tinier space will help you appreciate the little things in life. It will also contribute to you and your family being closer as you live and cooperate to make the caravan lifestyle work.

Important factors in financing your static caravan

Here are the factors that you should consider before picking your caravan:

Savings and income

Know what part of your savings you’re willing to spend and how much of it you’ll credit to your future income. Take into consideration the stability of your work, your earning power, and any other expenses you may have in mind.

Payment term

How long do you want to pay for the caravan? It is essential to understand the interest that’ll apply to your purchase. This is because some dealers will give lesser rates for shorter payment terms. If you can pay it earlier, then all the better.


Make sure to include all of the expenses the static caravan may have, such as any additional accessories, installation fees, and shipment. If you need more funds to cover these costs, you can get fast loans online, such as those from Payday Depot.

Other factors

This category includes other important things to keep in mind, including:

  • Taxes, such as Value Added Tax
  • Laws that may affect your contract with the dealer
  • Any collateral the dealer might ask for

Start the static caravan life!

Whatever may be your reason for buying a static caravan, you’ll still need to take into consideration the many factors that come with this purchase. At the end of the day, don’t forget to live your life to the fullest and have fun with the caravan!

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