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Expanded ULEZ scrappage scheme goes live today, enabling vehicles to be sent to Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
15th Mar 24 9:35 am

From today, applicants to the Mayor of London’s ULEZ scrappage scheme can donate their non-ULEZ compliant vehicle to support humanitarian and medical needs in Ukraine, in return for the same level of grant payment that is available to those who choose to scrap their vehicle.

The new scheme is open to all London residents, small businesses and charities with eligible vehicles that do not comply with the ULEZ emissions standards. A range of non ULEZ-compliant vehicles can be donated through UK registered charity British-Ukrainian Aid (BUA), subject to need and suitability assessed by the charity, including right-hand drives. In general, most vehicles eligible for the scrappage scheme are needed in Ukraine.

BUA will facilitate the donation of the vehicles to Ukraine, provide the relevant documentation for customers to receive their scrappage grant, and report on the number of vehicles donated.

The charity has already made contact with several vehicle owners who are ready and willing to donate their non-ULEZ compliant vehicles through the amended scheme, and are now able to apply on TfL’s website.

The new scheme follows representations from the Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko, who reached out to Sadiq Khan asking if such an idea could be explored, highlighting the strong relationship between Kyiv and London and the Mayor’s desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine.

Sadiq lobbied the Government last year to provide a national solution. The Transport Secretary Mark Harper confirmed at the end of January that the Government does not consider there to be any legal barrier to allowing non-compliant vehicles to be donated to Ukraine and to still receive the same level of grant payment.

Since then, TfL has worked quickly to set up a viable scheme with partner organisations, with TfL last month confirming British-Ukrainian Aid (BUA) as an appropriate intermediary to roll it out.

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) is planning to join the effort by donating 50 decommissioned ambulances to Ukraine. While LAS currently has agreements in place with TfL meaning ambulances are not charged to drive in the ULEZ, it plans to steadily decommission non-compliant vehicles.

Ukraine’s infrastructure has been significantly damaged in the conflict and access to health care in many areas has been severely impacted. Donating a range of different vehicles to Ukrainian authorities and their partners will provide humanitarian and logistical assistance as Russia’s illegal invasion continues.

The Mayor’s Office and TfL have engaged extensively with the Ukrainian Embassy to understand which charities and organisations have worked with them so far on similar initiatives.

BUA works directly with organisations on the ground in Ukraine and has procured and delivered over 300 medical and evacuation vehicles during 2023 to where they are most needed. Vehicles will be permanently removed from the UK following their donation to Ukraine, with BUA providing evidence of this to TfL.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I am delighted to launch the expanded ULEZ scrappage scheme today, enabling people to donate their non ULEZ-compliant vehicles to Ukraine where they can make a real difference helping to meet medical and humanitarian needs while also removing old, polluting vehicles from London’s roads.

“Ukraine’s infrastructure continues to suffer deeply as a result of the horrific illegal invasion by Russia, and I have worked quickly to amend our scrappage scheme, meaning that people can still get a scrappage grant if donating this way rather than scrapping or retrofitting their vehicle.

“There has been huge take-up for the scrappage scheme since it launched and still plenty of money available, so I encourage anyone applying to consider donating their vehicle to this important cause.”

Christina Calderato, Director of Transport Strategy and Policy, said: “We are very pleased that from today applicants to the ULEZ scrappage scheme are now able to receive a scrappage grant while having the option to donate their non-compliant vehicle to Ukraine.

“Londoners have a long history of helping people in need beyond the UK’s borders – this expansion of the scheme will allow them to play a role in enabling increased access to vital humanitarian and medical aid for those affected by the war.

“The £210m scrappage scheme, the largest of its kind, remains open to all Londoners and is helping drivers transition to more sustainable modes of transport, resulting in a cleaner, greener, capital.”

Dr Rainer-Elk Anders, trustee of British-Ukrainian Aid, said: “Thank you to Londoners for being a beacon of hope in times of crisis. Each donated vehicle will make a tremendous difference between life and death for those in need of humanitarian or medical aid in Ukraine.

“These vehicles will enable us to evacuate and transport the injured, including children, women and the elderly, and they will help medical personnel and aid reach critical locations. We will be able to save more lives and support communities in need. The process of donation has been designed to be as simple as possible for successful scheme applicants. We are ready for your vehicles!”

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