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Kremlin warns the UK will suffer as Rishi Sunak to send ‘long range missiles’ and ‘potentially’ fighter Jets to Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
9th Feb 23 1:51 pm

The British Prime Minister has confirmed on Thursday that the UK are taking their first step to provide greater support for Ukraine.

Rishi Sunak has signalled that the UK could “potentially” provide Ukraine with fighter jets “which is what Ukraine needs most now” which will provide a “long term solution” in ending Russia’s war.

Sunak has said the UK will train Ukrainian “fighter jet pilots” as Downing Street are determined to further cripple the “Kremlins war machine.”

Sunak said, he “had very good conversations with President Zelenskyy yesterday about our ability to provide long-range missiles that they don’t currently have, which again are going to make a big difference in the struggle against Russian aggression.”

The Prime Minister added, “And of course, we’re talking about further support, potentially with aircraft as well.

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“The important first step of that journey is to make sure that we provide the training for Ukrainian pilots to be able to use that very sophisticated equipment.

“And we announced yesterday that again, we’ll be the first nation to start training Ukrainian pilots on NATO-standard aircraft.

“That’s a really positive forward step and we will continue to stand by Ukraine because we want to see them victorious.”

The Kremlin’s spokesman has warned the UK that if they do send the fighter jets this will cause “protraction of this conflict.”

Dmitry Peskov was asked by Sky News to provide a comment over President Volodymyr Zelensky’s request for fighter jets during a visit to London on Wednesday.

Peskov warned that this would “lead to an escalation of tension around this conflict, protraction of this conflict and make this conflict more painful and excruciating for Ukraine.”

He added, “Fundamentally, the actions of these countries will not change the outcome of this conflict and will not change the trajectory along which our country is moving in terms of achieving its goals set within the framework of a special military operation.”

Putin sent a chilling warning it will be on “London’s conscience” if they send fighter jets to Ukraine as the “ramifications” will hit the “entire globe.”

Putin has warned that what will happen when the UK send the cutting edge fighter jets that this will be “on London’s conscience,” as the repercussions will be felt across the “entire globe.”

In a statement the Russian embassy in London warned, that there will be “bloodshed, next round of escalation, and subsequent military and political ramifications for the European continent and the entire globe.”

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