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British and NATO troops are preparing for war on Russia’s doorstep as Estonia are ‘worried’ Russia will attack

by LLB staff reporter
9th Feb 23 1:18 pm

British and NATO troops are heavily involved in training exercises in -12C and are preparing for war as Estonia are “worried” Russia will attack their country.

The training exercises are taking place some 80 miles from the Russian border in Estonia and are training in World War One style operating in frozen trenches, with one known to be around half a mile long.

The British Army are using the latest high-tech weapons along with deadly armoured fighting vehicles with Estonian, French, US and Danish troops who are all simulating exercises on the enemy.

A British soldier said that Estonians are “worried” that Vladimir Putin could attack their country.

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Speaking to the Sun, Lance Corporal in the King’s Royal Hussars regiment said, “We can see that our Estonian counterparts are worried about what’s going on with Russia.

“But they feel we’re here to help.

“We have a close bond as part of NATO now. NATO is one team, and the Estonians have got on board with that.

“They’ve opened their arms to us, and they’re learning from us.

“If anything was to happen in the future, we’d be ready for anything.”

In Romania French and US troops are taking part in NATO military drills along the eastern flank and the battlegroup’s combat drills are being held at the Black Sea training base in Capu Midia.

The Black Sea training camp has been dubbed Eagle Royal 23 which will see around 350 multinational troops who will engage in live firing exercises.

In total there are 30 nations who are training and are preparing for war against Russia and the military drills will be held between 2 to 10 February, which will see NATO troops test the “interoperability of artillery systems” should Article 5 be triggered.

If Russia or any other nation attack a NATO country this then automatically triggers Article 5 and every alliance member will come to their assistance if needed.

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