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Essential measures to implement to improve your customer service

by Sarah Dunsby
4th May 23 2:30 pm

Customers are the backbone of every business. Your business needs customers to turn over a profit and gain greater success.

If you feel your business is losing customers, you need to do more to improve your customer service. Here are some top tips.

Offer customers faster responses

Every customer will appreciate fast responses. If they have to wait a few days or weeks for a response, they will quickly lose interest and use another business elsewhere.

Hence, the sooner you can respond to their query, the more satisfied they will be. Whether they have an issue or positive feedback, responding to them in good time will show you care and do not wish to waste their time.

If a customer does have an issue, the sooner you respond, the sooner it can be resolved. Hence, you will ensure not to leave them disappointed for too long. When you resolve their issue quickly, you will likely maintain their loyalty and ensure you do not lose more customers.

A great way to offer fast responses is to use a live chat service. Using business chat software will enable automation measures or customer service representatives to speak to customers in real time so they can resolve their queries in a matter of minutes. The quicker you deal with customers, the fewer people you will have waiting that are disappointed with your business.

Ask for customer feedback

Another great strategy to improve your customer service is to understand your customer’s needs, which can be done by asking them for feedback.

Asking for feedback will help you understand what it is customers do and do not like about your business. They can offer you honest opinions and advice on how to improve your business so that it can meet their expectations in the future.

Using feedback correctly, you should implement the advice to adjust your business measures so that the future of your business will impress and satisfy more people. The more you give customers what they want, the more satisfied they will be with your business.

Set standards and avoid promises

Setting standards for your business will set expectations so that you do not disappoint customers. It is important to avoid making promises as if you do not fulfill the promise, customers will be left disappointed and may result in using another business.

Setting standards for your business is as simple as telling customers the truth and sharing an insight into what they can expect. For example, if you know your delivery times can take at least a week, do not tell customers they can expect their delivery the next day. The more honest you are with your customers, the more satisfied they will be with your delivery.

Set business goals

Setting business goals will ensure your team works efficiently to help your business attain more success. Plus, you can put business goals into place that entail improving your customer service and satisfaction.

For example, you might often have disappointed customers as a result of low stock. If you cannot fulfill all orders, customers will shop elsewhere. Hence, the more stock you can hold, the more orders you can fulfill. Having a business goal of expanding your warehouse and turning over more profit to purchase more stock will ensure you work towards this strategy for the future so that you can satisfy customers.

Be friendly

Being as friendly and caring as possible will ensure customers feel respected.

Even if a customer is being rude or you feel your opinion is correct, you must be kind and ensure to never get angry. If you are rude back to the customer, it could result in legal issues or simply losing them as a customer.

The friendlier you are in all situations, the calmer you can make them so they feel heard and respected. Whether a customer is angry or not, you will likely maintain their loyalty if you manage to be friendly and help to resolve their issues.

Always put the customer first

It is important to always put the customer first. Even if you are doing something, you should stop and fulfill the customer’s needs so that you do not leave them waiting or feeling unheard.

Although what you are doing might be important, it won’t be as important as a customer. Customers are what help your business generate profit. Without them, you could put your business into a stressful financial situation. Therefore, always ensure to put them and their needs first so you can guarantee customer satisfaction.

Training staff

Staff training should take place so that every employee is clued up on how to treat customers. If employees lack training, they might not be aware of how to resolve issues or how to speak to customers when they are being rude.

The more customer service training you can offer your team, the more professional they can be when dealing with customers.

Ensure the customer feels they are right

Whether or not the customer is right, ensure to make them feel as if they are right. If you tell a customer they are wrong, they might feel disrespected and as a result, stop using your business.

It can be as simple as agreeing with what they are saying and offering a solution to fulfill their request. For example, they might complain about the quality of a product although you can tell they have ruined it. If so, politely tell them the issue will not happen again and offer them a partial refund, new product, or discount on future purchases to ensure the issue can be resolved.

Acknowledging their dissatisfaction and concern will ensure you can do something to make them feel more satisfied with your business.

Reward employees

Having a happy team will ensure they pursue the best measures when dealing with customers. If employees are unhappy, they likely won’t be much help or very friendly when they need to deal with a rude customer.

Whether an employee has helped a difficult customer and maintained their loyalty or completed a task professionally, rewarding them will prove you acknowledge and appreciate their efforts.

Small rewards could include longer lunches, a small pay bonus, or a gift. It doesn’t have to be big to show appreciation. A simple small gift can be enough to make your employees feel happier and work harder.

Hire expert customer service representatives

If you want to have a dedicated customer service tea, it will help to hire customer service representatives who will solely focus on serving customers and assisting with their issues.

If your business can afford to do this, it is highly beneficial as other members of the team can get on with their tasks and not need to mix customer queries in with their list. Instead, an expert-focused team will work through customer queries and ensure to deliver the best responses so customers feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Treat everyone the same

It is essential to treat everyone the same in business, whether it is a customer or employee. Ensuring to treat everyone the same will help people feel equal and respected.

If an employee hears you have rewarded them for the same effort someone else has done, the other member of the team will feel unappreciated. Hence, they might not focus on or help you reach your customer service goals. A happy team will guarantee more efficiency and better results.

Furthermore, you must also treat your customers the same. Whether they are new or existing, happy or rude, every customer should be treated the same so that you can maintain your brand voice and messages. If customers heard you treat existing customers better, they might not wish to become a new customers. Hence, you will lose the business as the customers will go elsewhere.

Communicate clearly

It is vital to provide clear communication when dealing with customers. The clearer you are, the better they will understand you.

Clear communication could be as simple as writing in simple English so that no matter where the person is from, they can understand you or easily translate.

Furthermore, ensure to speak clearly when talking to customers in person or on the phone. Speaking clearly and sharing concise messages will ensure all customers can understand what you are telling them so there is no miscommunication. If you are an international business, it might help to hire customer service representatives that can speak several languages so all customers can be dealt with and they can all understand you.

You might not be able to cover every language but covering the main ones will attract and appeal to more customers worldwide.

Using this guide, you can best understand how to improve your customer service. Implementing more than one of these measures will guarantee the best results and the happiest customers. It can be as easy as offering a live chat service and asking for feedback to fulfill their needs and deliver their expectations. The happier your team and customers are, the more success your business will attain.

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