Home Business News Demand for the ‘sale and production of Ukrainian-made weapons will be very high’

Demand for the ‘sale and production of Ukrainian-made weapons will be very high’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
30th Sep 23 12:56 pm

Ukraine are wanting to develop world class military weapons and products that can be scaled and used to satisfy all of their needs “right now.”

Ukraine are wanting to export “Ukrainian made weapons” once the war is over and Africa have expressed interest in their military products.

Defence Minister of Ukraine Rustem Umerov said while speaking about the development of the domestic military-industrial complex that they want to build there way to “victory.”

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Umerov said, “My task, as a minister, is to build a way towards victory. And today there are several directions in the defense industry.

“Our vision is to develop world-class military products and services. I am talking about the military-industrial complex.”

He added that Ukraine are wanting build high-quality military products and services which will be used to “satisfy all needs of Ukraine right now.”

“And when the war is over we could export them.”

Africa is interested in not only buying Ukrainian weapons but also in the placement of its production on its territory.

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said, “Africa was one of the largest markets for sales of Ukrainian military products before the full-scale war.

“Today, Africa is waiting for Ukrainian companies to return to this market for the sale of weapons.

“Of course, this option is closed yet. In an African country, when I was talking to the leader of the country, he trustfully looking into my eyes and said: ‘You have received so many weapons, you definitely do not need such an amount. Maybe, you could share some with us?’

“That is, they have a different perception of our needs.”

He said that the second thing Africa is interested in is the placement of the Ukrainian arms and ammunition production on the territory of Africa.

Kuleba added, “It is a new trend” and that “the demand for sale and production of Ukrainian-made weapons will be very high.”

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