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Brits refused passage on Eurostar at St Pancras to France under Macron crackdown

2nd Jun 21 4:49 pm

Under the French President’s, Emmanuel Macron’s travel crackdown Brits have been refused passage from St Pancras station travelling to France due to the Indian variant.

Macron made the last minute change and Brits must now provide a “compelling reason for travel” under the new rules.

You are only allowed to travel to France if you are a French national, EU citizen, bereavement or childcare, plus all travellers must provide a pre-departure Covid test 48-hours before travel.

Ahmed Benhadrian, a security officer from Forest Gate in east London told the MailOnline, “I was going to France to visit my brother who got out of the hospital a week ago in Paris.

“I booked my trip for £164 a few weeks ago and when I got to the border today they said ‘you’re British, you cannot travel’.

“I said I was visiting my brother who needs help because he’s at home recovering from his operation.

“I’m fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test, so I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me through.

“I think it’s because the French don’t like the English, it’s political.

“Covid is much higher in France than it is here, but because it’s England, they make it into a big thing.

“Especially since Brexit, France has been causing a lot of trouble, too much trouble.

“The lady in front of me in the queue was from Germany and had no reason to travel to France, but they let her through. She didn’t even have an address to go to.

“He said ‘She’s European, so she can go. But Britain left the EU so you can’t’.

“There no British customs or border here to defend us.

“I feel humiliated and that they are discriminating against people here.”

The Consulate General of France in London, who issued the new rules on their website states, “Given the development of the so-called Indian variant, health measures have been tightened for people travelling to France from the UK.”

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