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Brexit and beyond: Britain’s biggest concerns revealed

by LLB Editor
18th Nov 19 7:16 am

The October 2019 Ipsos MORI Issues Index confirms that Brexit remains the biggest concern facing Britain in the eyes of the public. Two thirds of Britons mention Britain’s exit from the EU as a big issue (63%), similar to the September score of 65 per cent, while just over half see it as the single biggest worry (52%). Fieldwork was carried out while MPs were voting on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal but prior to decision to call a General Election.

Twenty-one per cent of the public mention the environment and pollution as a major issue for Britain – the highest recorded score since July 1990. This is a six-percentage point rise from September and pushes this topic into fourth place. This is the latest peak in a long period of growth in concern for this topic, starting from September 2012 when it stood at just two per cent.

Concern about the economy has fallen to levels last measured before the economic crisis of 2007-8. At 12 per cent, the proportion worried about Britain’s economy is half that measured immediately before the 2017 General Election (25%) and at its lowest ebb overall since October 2007. Nevertheless pessimism about the economy remains high, with 56% thinking the economy will deteriorate in the next 12 months, according to the latest Ipsos MORI Economic Optimism Index.

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