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Beware: Samsung Galaxy S7 ‘vulnerable’ to hacking

by Purvai Dua
8th Aug 18 12:00 pm

Researchers have uncovered a flaw inside the microchip of the Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, which could put tens of millions of devices at risk of hacking.

The devices were previously thought to be immune from Meltdown, but researchers from Austria’s Graz Technical University have now figured out a way to exploit the Meltdown vulnerability to attack Galaxy S7 phone, that was released in 2016.

Their findings will be released at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas today.

“There are potentially even more phones affected that we don’t know about yet,” he told Reuters, adding “There are potentially hundreds of million of phones out there that are affected by Meltdown and may not be patched because the vendors themselves do not know.”

A Samsung spokeswoman declined to say how many Galaxy S7s were vulnerable to attacks but said: “Samsung takes security very seriously and our products and services are designed with security as a priority.”

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