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Best telemedicine apps in 2020

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17th Apr 20 10:17 am

The development of video streaming technologies in combination with relatively cheap access to high-speed Internet brought people many benefits. One of them is the possibility of real-time visual communication with people around the world. For example, it is possible to have a consultation with a doctor without going to the clinic. This is especially useful if the clinics are overcrowded or you have to stay in quarantine.

In this context, the purpose of telemedicine app development is to provide reliable solutions that help doctors and patients to communicate. There are many criteria for such software, but the most important is high security. Preferably, telemedicine applications must be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard. And naturally, such apps must be fast and convenient in order to be used effectively in urgent situations or under stress.

There are many web and mobile applications for telemedicine purposes. Let us review 3 of them that are most popular in 2020.

1. Doctor On Demand from Doctor On Demand, Inc

This popular mobile application is free to use and offers video consultations with various certified specialists. The procedure is almost identical to the live visit to the clinic: you inform the doctor about your medical history and current symptoms, and then they examine you over the video, provide with the diagnosis and suggest a treatment course.

The doctors are available 24/7, so a user can have an urgent appointment at any time or can schedule a virtual visit at any convenient date and time. Medical consultations are provided even for those users who don’t have insurance. Unlike the app itself, the services are not free, but users see the price before they decide to connect to the selected doctor.

The software gives access to a wide range of medical specialists to cover many symptoms, from allergies and flu to rash and depression. The services are available throughout the United States.

2. me from Doxy.me, LLC

Doxy.me is a web service with impressive functionality, wide coverage, and reasonable pricing policy. It has three levels of available features. The basic one is free, but the subsequent levels are subscription-based and require monthly payments. Even the free level is compliant with the HIPAA standard, but paid levels offer extra protection of personal data.

The free version of this app also includes free minutes and sessions, so it is not a time-limited trial. Users can stay on the free level as long as they want if they don’t need the advanced features offered by Doxy.me for 35 and 50 dollars per month.

Another characteristic feature of this web is its simplicity. The UI is very intuitive, it is easy to navigate and view the necessary information. That’s why it won’t be a trouble for an elderly person to contact a physician.

Another advantage of this app is that it is web-based. That means users do not have to download and install it on their desktops or mobile devices. All they need to do is open a browser and visit the app’s website.


This is another well-known mobile app that offers telemedicine services for non-emergency cases. Again, the services are paid but the application is free to install and use. It has a scheduling feature and allows making appointments whenever it is convenient for users, even at night or on weekends.

MDLIVE offers consultations from various certified specialists who, besides their medical training and many years of practice, are also experienced in telemedicine. That is why doctors at MDLIVE excel in providing help for a wide range of behavioral health problems. This application offers help to people with various psychiatry conditions. They include various kinds of depression, including postpartum depression, as well as many types of disorders: post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, bipolar disorder, and so on.

MDLIVE psychiatrists also provide help for couples who are struggling in their relations and for people who are suffering from social anxiety or panic attacks. Basically, if a person needs the help of a certified psychiatrist, this app can provide it.


As you can see, telemedicine applications, both mobile and web, mostly share the same features and offer similar functionality with minor differences. That means you may use any criteria you like to pick the app that suits you. You may choose it depending on the price or number of app users, as shown in Google Play, for example. Or you may pick one because of its convenient UI, availability of doctors in your particular region, or partnership with your employer or insurance provider.

One final word of advice: choose the app that is the most convenient for you. You must fully understand its functions and interface. Also, make sure your chosen app is HIPAA compliant, it reduces the risk of leaking your private information to hackers.

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