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An extra £2.1bn set aside for no-deal Brexit planning

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
1st Aug 19 11:10 am

The government has doubled the amount of money they have set aside this year and announced an extra £2.1bn of funding to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

The money will be used to ease traffic congestion in Kent, tackle queues at the border, more border force officers with infrastructure upgrades at ports.

John McDonnell the shadow chancellor has said the plans are “an appalling waste of taxpayers cash.”

McDonell added the extra money is “all for the sake of Boris Johnson’s drive towards a totally avoidable no-deal”.

“This government could have ruled out no-deal and spent these billions on our schools, hospitals, and people.

“Labour is a party for the whole of the UK, so we’ll do all we can to block a no-deal, crash-out Brexit.”

Sajid Javid the chancellor of the exchequer said, “With 92 days until the UK leaves the European Union it’s vital that we intensify our planning to ensure we are ready.

“We want to get a good deal that abolishes the anti-democratic backstop. But if we can’t get a good deal, we’ll have to leave without one.

“This additional £2.1bn will ensure we are ready to leave on 31 October, deal or no-deal.”

Chuka Umunna, the treasury spokesperson for the Liberal Democrats said, “This extra money is a drop in the ocean when compared to the huge hit to the exchequer of at least £90bn, according to the chancellor’s predecessor of a no-deal Brexit.

“They promised us an extra £350m each week for the NHS, now they are making more money available just to ensure access to medicine.

“This is a political choice made by an irresponsible government. The Liberal Democrats are the only party that can get into government which is committed to stopping Brexit, so we can use public monies to tackle the real problems the country faces.”

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the latest funding was not a waste.

“A lot of the money we are spending is going to go on things that we would need to spend anyway because we’re leaving the European Union.

“Investment in things like our ports, our border infrastructure… all of that is money we should be spending anyway for those new arrangements.”

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