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Afghanistan is in a ‘deeper crisis’ after President Ghani fled

24th Aug 21 11:41 am

Afghanistan’s former ambassador to Pakistan, Dr Omar Zakhilwal has said that since President Ashraf Ghani fled, the country is now in a deeper crisis.

fled his country and went to neighbouring Tajikistan then onto United Arab Emirates with so much cash it “wouldn’t all fit in his chopper,” Russia claimed.

Ghani had “four car loads” of cash amounting to $169m and was forced to leave piles of money “left on the tarmac” as he could not get anymore into to his helicopter on 15 August.

The former ambassador said Afghanistan has been left “in a situation where we need to find out how we are going to put things back together.”

Dr Zakhilwal said, “We see a desire within the Taliban for a government that is inclusive.

“This country’s stability… we need to push them more on that and that’s what we will be doing in the coming days

“The Taliban know very well they have taken over Kabul many times, but to continue governing that is not that easy.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the “Taliban will be judged by their deeds and their words.”

Johnson is expected to try and convince President Joe Biden to extend the 31 August deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan.

Ahead of the virtual G7 meeting being held today, Johnson said, “I will ask our friends and allies to stand by the Afghan people and step up support for refugees and humanitarian aid.

“We will continue to use every humanitarian and diplomatic lever to safeguard human rights and the gains made in Afghanistan over the last two decades.”

However, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said it is unlikely the 31 August withdrawal deadline will be extended.

Wallace told Sky News, “I think it is unlikely not only because of what the Taliban has said but also if you look at the public statements of President Biden I think it is unlikely.

“I think it is worth us all trying and we will, and we’ve also changed internally within our own military system how long it would take for us to get out because for every hour we can [add to] the military evacuation is an hour we can add on to help the civilian evacuation.

“Those are the tough choices.”

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