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4 Reasons why you need a new home inspection

2nd Mar 18 12:35 pm

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There are a number of reasons that you should invest in your own home inspection when purchasing a brand new home. While purchasing a new home can be extremely exciting, there are also a number of issues that may be present. If you do not have an inspection completed, you may find out a few months after you move in that there are serious issues, which may be extremely expensive to have repaired. Little things like the wrong drywall supplies or even a bad foundation can cause a lot of issues over time. When you buy any home in the UK, you have to make sure you get it inspected to avoid problems. Some of the reasons that you need to have a new home inspection are highlighted here.

1. Newly Constructed Homes can have a Number of Issues

The act of building any home can be complex and involve a number of different subcontractors as well as other employees, with each one working in different areas of the home, not considering how they impact other systems. When there are so many activities taking place all at once, it is virtually impossible for a builder to check on each stage of the process. The fact is that even the most professional builders will miss something. Some of the most commonly found issues with a newly constructed home include:

·        Damaged roof trusses

·        Any missing areas of siding

·        Ducts that are not attached to the AC and heating unit

·        Insulation missing in homes that are rated Energy Star efficient

·        Organic materials growing o the wood framing

·        Any raised roof shingles

Laboring under the delusion that a new home will not have any issues can lead to a variety of problems. Rather than putting yourself in a compromised position, you will need to get an inspection immediately. The time and money that is spent on this inspection will more than pay off in the long run.

2. Home Inspections and Municipal Building Inspections are Different

The actual role of a municipal building inspector is to look for complete compliance with the right building codes. The building codes that have been established are considered the minimum standards. Even though the majority of municipal building inspection inspectors do their very best, there are a number of factors that are not in their control that leave these inspections coming short.

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Working with professionals who know the laws and local regulations regarding building is important. If a particular home has not been built according to code, it can affect the resale value greatly.

3. Any Issues can be discovered Prior to Moving In

When issues are found prior to you moving in, they can also be fixed before you move in. While most of them may be minor, you need to ensure that the builder fixes any substantial problems immediately. The last thing you want is to let these issues linger due to the long-term damage it can cause. Usually, the builders will fix any issues the inspectors find to ensure the home is sold. Before choosing an inspector, you will have to do a great deal of research to ensure they have the right amount of experience to get this job done correctly.

It Matters when You Resell

When you have made the decision to finally sell the home that you purchased new, the buyer is likely going to have their own home inspection completed. Deficiencies that are from the initial construction will now fall on your shoulders to repair prior to selling the home.

Having a new home inspection completed is essential in order to ensure that you will not have any future issues with your home. After all, purchasing a new home is a huge investment and one that you need to ensure is sound prior to moving in.  With the proper precautions, you will have no problem getting the quality home you need.

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