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Why it’s important to build customer relationships

by John Saunders
17th Nov 21 8:21 am

It’s crucial to build and develop relationships with your customers because they are essential to your business’s long-term success. Before a customer considers using your service and collaborating with you, you must build a good relationship first.

You’re doomed to fail if you can’t keep existing customers within the business, as finding new clientele isn’t always so easy. Put simply, without customer relationships, there can be no business or sales.

Grow customer lifetime value

The better the value delivered throughout a customer’s lifetime relationship with a business, the more likely they are to stay with your company in the long-run. As a result, each consumer will generate more revenue for your business. Your business should make every effort to cultivate solid customer relationships to reach full customer satisfaction. You build lifetime value and relationships through utilising first or third party data which many companies like Finecast have done successfully to understand and retain business from their customers.

Reputation matters

As established, it is extremely important that you build customer relationships to simply keep existing customers within the business. Your clientele is such a huge part of your business: without customers – you make no sales – and without sales – you make no business.

So, if you lose customers, you can always attract new consumers right? Well – many potential customers may base their views of your company on past customer reviews, and if you’ve lost out on previous clientele because of bad customer relationships or experience, this could tarnish your reputation as a business completely. So, encouraging customer relationships to be built reasonably will give you a good reputation and attract more potential customers as a result.

Customer loyalty

Leading on from the importance of customer lifetime value, customer loyalty is a high priority for a business. Not only does increasing customer loyalty ensure that you have loyal customers who will always guarantee you business, it also deters them from buying from or working with your competitors – this gives you a one-up on those competing with you.

Reduced risk of losing customers

To further emphasise on the previous three points, building customer relationships ultimately reduces the risk of losing existing customers. Of course, customers may stop business with you because of pricing, as they could have found cheaper alternatives. But having bad customer relationships can play a huge part in deterring existing customers and losing out on business.

More cost-effective to retain existing customers

Sources provided by extensive research have proven that it is actually more expensive to look for and target new customers, than it is to retain your existing or previous customers. As a result, it is cheaper and more affordable to keep existing clientele through building good customer relationships – simple as that.

Builds a strong and secure customer base

In an unpredictable situation that could affect the market, it is an advantage to have a secured customer base, because you will be assured that you will have customers who will buy from you, no matter your financial situation or the current situation of the financial environment.

Now you know just how important it is to build customer relationships, use the topics discussed her to continually adapt and improve your customer experience.

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