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West threatened with Russian nuclear hypersonic Avangard missile which is ‘ready for combat’

by LLB political Reporter
20th Oct 23 1:17 pm

Vladimir Putin has announced that the nuclear capable hypersonic Avangard missile is “ready for combat” which can travel 27 times the speed of sound.

Moscow claims the missile can travel at 20,000mph and can hit a target anywhere in the world within 30 minutes or less as it uses a hypersonic glide vehicle which kicks in once it is outside the earth’s atmosphere.

Putin said, “The Avangard is invulnerable to interception by any existing and prospective missile defence means of the potential adversary.”

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Pool Number 3 outlet said on Friday that “the next Avangard hypersonic missile system has entered combat duty.”

The outlet stated, “In the Orenburg region, work continues to re-equip the Yasnensky missile formation with the Avangard silo-based missile system.

“An intercontinental ballistic missile is loaded into a silo launcher using a special transport and loading unit.

“The infrastructure of the position area has been prepared for the deployment of the next missile regiment on combat duty, including facilities for preparing duty shifts, combat duty and personnel rest.”

This month Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia’s envoy to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), has said that Moscow will revoke their ratification of the treaty which was signed in 1996.

This will then leave the door wide open for Valdimir Putin to start detonating nuclear weapons on testing regions.

The statement also warned, Russia “wielding arms control and irresponsible nuclear rhetoric in a failing attempt to coerce other states.”

Ulyanov said, “Russia plans to revoke ratification [which took place in the year 2000] of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty [CTBT].

“The aim is to be on equal footing with the US who signed the treaty but didn’t ratify it. Revocation doesn’t mean the intention to resume nuclear tests.”

Putin has said, “Theoretically, we may revoke the ratification. It’s up to the state duma (Parliament) members.”

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