Home Business News Ukrainian special ops teams conduct ‘off the books’ top secret sabotage and assassination missions deep inside Russia

Ukrainian special ops teams conduct ‘off the books’ top secret sabotage and assassination missions deep inside Russia

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
18th Dec 23 11:13 am

Ukrainian special ops teams are conducting “off the books” freelance sabotage missions deep inside Russia carrying out assassinations, poisoning and diversions, The Times has reported.

Speaking to The Times an officer only known as Mykola said that special ops teams are having classified trained to carry out their operations.

Mykola said that the missions are so secret that even senior officials have no idea what assignments they are carrying out.

Mykola said that operations are “off the books” as the “The government is too slow and bureaucratic. We need to train people fast and get them ready.

“There are no government specialised training camps for the kind of operations needed to fight this war.

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Ukrainian forces are outnumbered 7 to 1 due to the scale of Russian forces and their drone army, he added that “”We can only compete in surgical techniques.

“Technology and our entrepreneurial mindset will defeat Russian meat and steel.”

They use low cloud which hides the moon to do their cross-border missions and “will dress in civilian clothes, carry fake papers, no phones, use a compass, a map and count their steps to orient themselves.”

Mykola explained the top secret missions are “low-key,” he added, “mainly because the Kremlin is keen to keep quiet about the humiliation of Ukrainian special ops commandos roaming around Russian countryside.

Referring to the drone attack on the Kremlin this year he said that it is “men like him” who were responsible.

He added, “We also have Russians inside Russia who help us, people who see how senseless this war is and hate the criminal regime.”

In recent months Russia has been increasing their numbers of special forces to search for partisans who are operating in the occupied territories, especially in Kherson Oblast.

Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC) said, “Our underground records the strengthening of the counter-subversive regime of the occupiers in the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson region.

In particular, the Russians have formed separate manoeuvrable ELINT [electronic intelligence] groups to locate radiation sources from satellite phones.

“The enemy knows that the defence forces use the equipment of the ‘Iridium’ satellite operator for military purposes.

“About a hundred servicemen of the Russian Guard were also assigned to look through the settlements.”

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