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Russian soldiers falling sick with ‘bronchitis and pneumonia’ after ‘living in tents’ below -30C in a Siberian training camp

12th Dec 22 4:04 pm

Russian soldiers are falling sick “en masse” with “bronchitis and pneumonia” as they are “living in tents” as training camp in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk where temperatures are falling below -30C.

Russian troops do not have the appropriate winter clothing or medical supplies causing up to “95%” falling sick.

Families of conscripts have been getting angry over the months over the treatment of the conscripts as they are constantly complaining.

Wives of men who are currently based at a training centre in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk have expressed their anger to region’s governor, Igor Kobzev.

The wives are saying that the conscripts have no proper medical care and are having to buy their own medicines to survive.

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Anna Ivkina, a wife of one of the Russian conscripts, sent a message to Kobzev via his Vkontakt social media page, saying, “There is no proper medical care and they have to buy medicine themselves.

“They are already on antibiotics for the third time and all this while having to live in tents.”

She told local media outlet Baikal People, that at the end of October her 32-year old husband was called up and sent to the Koltsovo training centre in Novosibirsk where the temperature is below -30C and he is living in a tent.

A soldier from the Shilovo training camp said that up to “95%” of the soldiers are falling ill, he said that has recently recovered from pneumonia and was sent back to training.

The soldier said, “Many drink alcohol to make it easier to endure the cold.

“Because of this, there have been cases of frostbite, someone has already been hospitalised.”

If they survive the training camps then they will be sent to the war in Ukraine which looks “like the First World War” where troops are seen in freezing cold water filled trenches, and they will join them for trench warfare.

Defence and security analyst Professor Michael Clarke warned that thousands of “Russian troops will probably freeze to death in the trenches” this winter as Moscow has supplied them with ineffective clothing.

Clarke said that tens of thousands Russian troops who were mobilised to Ukraine need proper thermal clothing and equipment to survive the harsh winter as a Siberian anticyclone threatens to plunge temperatures to a “life-threatening” conditions.

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