Home Business News In a top secret mission Ukrainian forces recapture 700 square kms of land in a surprise counter offensive

In a top secret mission Ukrainian forces recapture 700 square kms of land in a surprise counter offensive

8th Sep 22 3:50 pm

The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have announced that they have recaptured 700 kms of land in a top secret mission in Kharkiv and Pivdenno-Buzke.

Hundreds of Russians have been killed and Ukraine has on doubt suffered many casualties also as they continue their counteroffensive.

Ukrainian forces have now recaptured more than 20 villages and Kyiv are remaining tight lipped not to disclose any more details in order not to compromise the military operation, Brigadier General Oleksiy Gromov confirmed.

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Ukraine are also directing more focus in the Kherson region and Russia are “partially demoralised,” but they continue to resist Ukrainian forces.

Vladimir Putin has also received yet another “serious blow” as “entire units have been wiped out” as Ukraine’s counteroffensive gathers momentum in the Kherson region.

Deputy Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleksiy Hromov said on Thursday afternoon, “The grouping of the defense forces continues to conduct active operations in Kherson direction. There are battles to improve the situation along the front line.

“The enemy is partially demoralized, but continues to resist.

“In general, our units in some areas have advanced deep into the enemy’s defense from two to several tens of kilometers.

“A number of settlements have been liberated. The total area of the territory returned to Ukraine’s control in Kharkiv and Pivdenno-Buzke directions is more than 700 square kilometers.”

Hromov said at a briefing at the Military Media Center on Thursday that as part of the defense operation in Kharkiv Ukrainian troops are regaining control of captured towns and villages by Russian forces.

He stressed, “At this time, military units have wedged into the enemy’s defense to a depth of up to 50 km.

“In the course of conducting active operations in Kharkiv direction, more than 20 settlements have been liberated.”

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) said in their latest intelligence update that Ukraine are continuing their counter-offensive in the region of Kherson.

“Ukraine has probably destroyed a military pontoon bridge at Darivka, which Russian forces had deployed after the nearby road bridge was severely damaged,” The MoD added.

The Ministry added, “Ukraine’s systematic precision targeting of vulnerable crossing points likely continues to impose pressure on Russian forces as they attempt to contain Ukrainian attacks: it slows their ability to deploy operational reserves and resupply materiel from the east.”

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