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Ukraine warned never ‘underestimate Russia’ as they could return to Kherson

by LLB political Reporter
14th Nov 22 12:26 pm

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned that Russia “comes back time and time again” and Moscow should not be underestimated.

Wallace warned that Vladimir Putin could start another bombing campaign on civilian ares in Ukraine and will use tactics that the West will condemn.

Last week Russian troops withdrew from Kherson and there has been jubilant scenes with thousands of Ukrainians celebrating victory, but Wallace has urged “caution.”

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Wallace warned not to “underestimate” Moscow as they are will be “worried” and “disappointed” over losing Kherson.

He said speaking from Westminster on Sunday that History reminds us how “brutal” Russia can be “to their own” and if they need “more cannon fodder” they will call more men to fight.

Wallace told Times Radio on Monday, “Well I don’t think we should ever underestimate Russia.

“History shows that Russia comes back time and time again, we shouldn’t be foolish enough to see what we’re seeing in Kherson and just think brilliant, it’s all over and sort of think peace in our time.

“I mean at the moment Russia has made a military decision that probably makes sense, which is withdrawing behind what we would call a natural obstacle, in this case, a very large river.”

Wallace added, “And will start and are starting to obviously sort of dig in and try and create a sort of concrete defensive line.

“In fact, I think there are three defensive lines between Kherson and Crimea, and that at that is probably the military sense.

“It was untenable for them to hold Kherson as they are, but Russia has in its toolbox very sadly all sorts of things that we would find unacceptable in the West.

“You know total brutality, mass bombing of civilian areas, we’ve seen war crimes used as a tool of war.

“We see energy used across the world as a tool and if Russia wishes to, it will no doubt start pummeling, you know, potentially Kherson.”

BBC’s Moscow reporter, Steve Rosenberg said, “Since the Kremlin had insisted that occupied Kherson would be Russian forever, the retreat is a blow to Moscow.

“Russia’s retreat from Kherson creates a danger for Vladimir Putin.

“It risks changing how he is perceived here at home, not so much by the Russian public but by the Russian elite.

“By the people around him, the people in power here, who for years have viewed Putin as a great strategist, a winner. Less so, now.”

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