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Ukraine has now recaptured over 1,000 square kms and Russia is running out of Iskander missiles systems

9th Sep 22 12:18 pm

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has announced that since 1 September the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have liberated more than a thousand square kilometers from the Russian occupation.

On Thursday the AFU had recaptured around 700 square kms and have retaken a further 300 square kms overnight.

President Zelenksy has confirmed that the AFU has now recaptured more than 20 villages.

Ukraine are also directing more focus in the Kherson region and Russia are “partially demoralised,” but they continue to resist Ukrainian forces.

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Zelensky said in his traditional video address on Thursday evening, “In total, more than a thousand square kilometers of our territory have been liberated since September 1.

“I am grateful to all Ukrainian warriors, to all those who fight for freedom for our people – both in the south and in the east, those participating in the battles at the front and those who contribute to our victory with respective operations in the rear of the enemy.

“The liberation of our land is the merit of everyone who clearly and timely fulfills the general defense plan,”

In particular, President Zelensky thanked the fighters of the 115th separate territorial defense brigade of the Operational Command Pivnich (North).

He also thanked the fighters of the 117th separate territorial defense brigade operating in the direction of Sudzha – Sumy, and the 1st tank brigade, who are firmly holding thier position in the direction of Gomel – Horodnya.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine confirmed that Russia now has less than 200 Iskander missile systems left.

Ukrayinska Pravda and the Center for Defense Strategies said, “Iskander is now used very rarely.

“The last time, literally in August, when they were used in Kyiv area, from the territory of Belarus.”

The intelligence service said the S-300 missiles were in storage for over 30-years and many of the Iskanders are between 35 and 40 years old.

Vadym Skybytsky added, “This is essentially a missile that needs to be taken out of combat. There are about 7,000 of them.

“It is very easy then to recycle. Instead of spending money on recycling, they are simply released on our territory.

“If you count how much they use, then they will have enough of these missiles for another three years,”

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