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Panic is rife amongst Russian troops who are on the brink of surrender as ‘everything is lost, we have been abandoned’

by LLB Politics Reporter
5th Sep 22 3:01 pm

The Russian Army who are based in the southern front are on the brink of surrendering as panic is rife amongst the soldiers with collapsing morale and virtually no discipline with the ranks.

The Kremlin are facing a rebellion amongst their forces with Russians “rioting” and are refusing to fight as they are not being provided water and basic supplies and Ukrainian forces are gathering pace on their positions.

President Volodymyr Zelensky’s troops are making major breakthroughs in towns and cities in many directions as they are advancing towards the city of Kherson which was captured in March and is currently being occupied.

Vitalii Kim, the head of the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration said, “The mood among the occupiers: [is] Everything is lost, we have been abandoned.

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“Nobody wants to die, everyone wants to run, but they are stopped by an order or something.”

Kim added, “That is why they have the mood corresponding to the operational situation, which is now on the front.”

Analysts from the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) have said the main point of contention amongst Vladimir Putin’s army is over pay and receiving the bonuses they were promised.

The MoD said that there is some “outright corruption amongst commanders” and there is to “inefficient bureaucracy” amongst the Russian Army.

The MoD analysts wrote, “Russian forces continue to suffer from morale and discipline issues in Ukraine.

“In addition to combat fatigue and high casualties, one of the main grievances from deployed Russian soldiers probably continues to be problems with their pay.

“In the Russian military, troops’ income consists of a modest core salary, augmented by a complex variety of bonuses and allowances.

“In Ukraine, there has highly likely been significant problems with sizeable combat bonuses not being paid.

“This is probably due to inefficient military bureaucracy, the unusual legal status of the ‘special military operation’, and at least some outright corruption amongst commanders.”

They added, “The Russian military has consistently failed to provide basic entitlements to troops deployed in Ukraine, including appropriate uniform, arms and rations, as well as pay.

“This has almost certainly contributed to the continued fragile morale of much of the force.”

In an update the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine wrote, “In the area of the settlement of Kherson, servicemen of the 127th regiment of the 1st army corps rioted and wrote a letter refusing to participate in hostilities.

“It is known that one of the reasons is unsatisfactory all-round support: in the advanced positions, the personnel of this regiment was left even without water.”

They added, “Some of the servicemen were taken away by enemy counterintelligence representatives, their further fate is unknown.”

Vladimir Putin is facing a major rebellion from his troops as the so called Luhansk People’s Republic are complaining they are not getting the same treatment as the Russian Army.

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