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Ukraine evacuates more than 400 citizens and strongly ‘condemns Hamas for their crimes’

by LLB political Reporter
18th Oct 23 6:02 am

The Ukrainian Embassy in Israel has evacuated 436 Ukrainian citizens from Israel as of the morning of 17 October.

The embassy said in an interview with an Interfax-Ukraine reporter that an evacuation flight was carried out from Tel Aviv to Bucharest, Romania, on October 14 with 207 Ukrainians on board.

On the day before, 16 October an evacuation flight took 155 citizens of Ukraine to Cluj, Romania, in the morning, and the third flight transported 74 passengers was carried out to Bucharest on the same day in the evening.

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A source close to diplomatic circles told Interfax-Ukraine that “disorganisation and the lack of centralized approach of the Israeli side to foreign diplomatic institutions’ requests for assistance in arranging evacuation flights are being observed.”

“Based on the results of communication with representatives of embassies in Israel, each country independently addresses the issues of evacuation flights without real assistance from the Israeli side,” the source added.

According to the source, “evacuation requires tremendous efforts from the diplomats and in most cases, it requires minimum costs from the citizens.

“Citizens of all countries pay for evacuation at cost from their own funds.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reaffirmed their condemnation of Hamas terrorists with their continued rocket attacks on the population of Israel.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement over the current situation in the Middle East, “We consider categorically unacceptable acts of violence intentionally directed by Hamas against the civilian population, including brutal murders and hostage-taking.

“Those responsible for these crimes must be brought to the strictest responsibility. We adamantly support Israel in its right to protection and efforts to counter terrorist acts.”

The Ukrainian Ministry said that “he ongoing confrontation does not further lead to an increase in the number of civilian casualties on both sides of the conflict in both Israel and Palestine,” adding that they declare further support for the “two-state principle.”

The statement added, “We believe that the Middle East peace process remains the basis of all efforts aimed at restoring regional stability and security.

“Ukraine consistently supports the implementation of the principle of two states, Israel and Palestine, who will live side by side in peace and security, and advocates resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through political and diplomatic means.

“We are confident that a just, comprehensive and sustainable peace in the Middle East can be realized within the framework of the parties’ unconditional implementation of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and other international agreements.”

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