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Ukraine delivers the West a blunt five word demand to ‘protect lives’

by LLB political Reporter
27th Mar 24 6:32 am

Over the past week Russia has hit Ukraine very heavily with more than a thousand ballistic missiles, rockets and drone attacks.

Eastern Ukraine, Lviv near to the Polish border and the capital, Kyiv have been bombarded by Vladimir Putin’s forces.

One missile entered into Polish airspace on Sunday which could have easily dragged NATO into Putin’s was in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba has made urgent requests with their allies to provide them with more defence systems to repel Russian ballistic missiles.

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Kuleba said in an interview with Politics, “Give us the damn Patriots” as Ukraine desperately needs them to protect their forces on the frontlines and protect civilians.

Kuleba said, “if we had enough air defence systems, namely Patriots, we would be able to protect not only the lives of our people, but also our economy from destruction.

“When Ukrainian troops are losing positions, let’s look at the reason why. It is because Russia has began to massively use upgraded aerial guided bombs.”

He said these bombs are weapons that “you cannot escape from” if you’re the intended target from Russian forces.

The Foreign Minister added, “It just falls on your head and destroys everything. This is how we’re losing positions and the only way to prevent this is to shoot down the planes carrying the bombs.

“We need air-defense systems on the frontlines.”

Last week President Volodymir Zelensky said, “Patriots and other systems are now needed in Ukraine, for our cities and communities.

“The partners have the air defence systems that are needed for this, and they can help. It is worth doing so.”

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