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UK Foreign Office tells Brits to ‘leave Lebanon now’ warning the situation could ‘deteriorate quickly’

by LLB political Reporter
19th Oct 23 2:03 pm

The British Foreign Office are strongly advising Britons in Lebanon to “leave now” whilst “commercial options remain available.”

The Foreign Office has warned against all travel to “whole of Lebanon” and any travel insurance people may have could be “invalidated if you travel against FCDO advice.”

The FCDO has warned that the “situation in Lebanon” could “deteriorate quickly” as there are fears the Israel-Hamas war could escalate and spill over into the country as Hezbollah are firing anti-tank, missiles and rockets into northern Israel.

The FCDO said in a statement, “In the event of deterioration in the political or security situation, the British embassy may be increasingly limited in the assistance that it can provide.

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“Do not rely on FCDO being able to evacuate you in an emergency.”

The FCDO warns, “Events in Lebanon are fast moving. The situation has potential to deteriorate quickly and with no warning.

“Commercial routes out of Lebanon could be severely disrupted or cancelled at short notice and roads across the country could be closed.

“If you are currently in Lebanon, we encourage you to leave now while commercial options remain available.”

Adding, you must “Check our travel advice for any neighbouring country that you are planning to travel to or through.”

The Foreign Office has warned that there is a “risk of civil unrest” as there has been “large protests outside embassies, including outside the US and French embassies.”

The statement on the website adds, “Further protests are expected. British nationals should exercise caution and avoid areas where demonstrations may be held.

“Due to the security situation, family members of staff at the British embassy have been temporarily withdrawn. The embassy continues with essential work including services to British nationals.”

The FCDO is also advising, “If you are a British National in Lebanon, please register your presence which includes recording your up to date contact information.

“You should fill in this  form for every member of your family or group who is a British national.

“Your registration will allow us to share any updates. When completing the form, if you have problems entering your telephone number, please try using a different browser or device. You could also try replacing ‘+’ for the country code with ‘00’.”

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