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These are 10 of the best Christmas adverts

11th Nov 16 11:44 am

Do you remember any of these?

Ok so we’re are now in November which I think means we can all start celebrating Christmas! Here are some of the best Christmas adverts of all time:

1. The Coca-cola advert- Holidays are coming, this one always brings the Christmas cheer!

2. Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2014, this advert warmed everyones heart.

3. M&S Christmas Advert, the one that made everyone laugh the first time they saw it!

4. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014- Monty The Penguin, I’m pretty sure every child in the country wanted a penguin after this memorable advert…

5. IRN-BRU and The Snowman could be seen as a bit of an odd one but it’s funny! Funny makes adverts memorable.

6. Sainsburys Christmas Advert 2015- Mog’s Christmas, a tale about a cat which causes chaos at Christmas but is there a happy ending? Watch it and find out!

7. Lidl Christmas Advert 2015, now I remember watching this one thinking what is this? Got to the end and found out it was an advert! One that I enjoyed, that’s always a good thing!

8. Aldi Telescope Christmas Advert 2015, this was a take on a John Lewis’ famous 2015 advert but with an Aldi touch. Loved it!

9. Quality Street- The First Sign of Christmas- 2015, it’s snowing Quality Street wrappers!

10. Unicef: Three Wise Men (2012), this was a really traditional Christmas story as well a campaign for UNICEF (The United Nations Childrens Fund).

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