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The word ‘curry’ has been branded ‘racist’ by ‘ridiculous’ woke food blogger

by LLB Reporter
9th Aug 21 12:38 pm

A woke food blogger has branded the word curry “racist” due to its ties of British colonialism which has sparked angry comments as society has been told to “unlearn” the word.

Food blogger Chaheto Bansal, 27 from California has called for people to “cancel the word curry” in a post which went viral causing much bemusement and outrage.

Bansal claims that the word “curry” has been “popularised by white people who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes.”

The food blogger added, “Not in all cultures but specifically in Indian cuisine because I don’t understand what that word (curry) means.

“There’s a saying that the food in India changes every 100km and yet we’re still using this umbrella term popularised by white people who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes.

“But we can still unlearn.”

Speaking to NBC Asian America, she said her campaign  is about “ending its use by people who don’t know what it means,” but not “fully cancelling the word.”

Bansal added, “Curry shouldn’t be all that you think about when you think about south Asian food.

“You can travel like 100km (62 miles), and you can get a completely different type of cuisine.

“And it’s a completely different language and a different culture.

“And it just goes to show that there’s so much diversity in our food that doesn’t get recognised.”

GB News presenter Simon McCoy said Bansal’s comments are “ridiculous” and said he was “losing the will to live.”

He added jokingly, “What is it about people in California? I mean, it’s a curry.”

A person wrote on social media, “Stew? Not all are the same but (a) general term that everyone understands. Same with curry!

“Do these people have nothing in their lives…”

Another person wrote, “Not curry?

“We better not use the term ‘roast dinner’ then as a generic term in case anyone is offended that it’s not chicken, beef, lamb etc.”

The food blogger added, “My partner is Sri Lankan, I have friends that are Malayali, friends that are Tamil, and yes they use the word curry.

“I enjoy their curry.

“Even their curry names have very specific traditional names paired with it, or it’s referring to something very specific.

“But you shouldn’t just lump all of our foods together under this term.”

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