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The value of Red Hat Certification: What you should know

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26th May 21 5:49 pm

Once you are self-taught, you will often find that your skills are out of date on the market. This is because the marketability of new technology changes way too fast for us mere mortals to keep up with it. To stay relevant on the market, a lot of companies look towards certifications as a way to show their skill set and credibility in the industry.

Why Red Hat?

The Red Hat certification is about the most reputable certification in the IT industry. On top of it serving as a way to prove your skills in the IT industry, it also serves to give companies a better understanding of your skillset and how you can function on the job. A Red Hat Certification can better train you and give you the experience you need to grow in your career.

What is covered?

The certification currently covers 7 different topics: System Administration, Networking, Storage Management, Installation and Configuration Management, Virtualisation and High Availability Storage Solutions, and lastly Project Management. There are more than 30 courses under this certification available for candidates to choose from. These courses allow professionals to expand their expertise in the IT fields.

The exam for this certification is not about simply answering a few questions. Candidates need to prove themselves against a well-respected and rigorous test that will challenge them with real-life challenges. These challenges will be solved only by the best of the best, which impresses employers.

Why is it important?

It can be a struggle to find opportunities in today’s job market, which is why individuals need to attain education and certifications. Red Hat has been recognised for its organisation’s strong focus on the IT industry over the past 25 years and recognises achievement in the form of certifications with prestigious titles. 

It matters little if you are just starting your career or have a 20-year history of success in this field. With expertise from sales to software development, a Red Hat certification offers training courses for those seeking greater knowledge but unable to attend live events.

Getting a certification requires you to show that you have tangible knowledge and skills to do the job. With Red Hat Certification, you will be able to learn and showcase these skills, abilities and knowledge required for your job.

What makes Red Hat Certification invaluable?

There are many  IT certifications available in the market. However, only a few of them have gold standards. The Red Hat certification is considered to be among the best ones in the field. It has consistently been a part of the most important and well-respected certifications by industry bloggers and publications.

Business Edge has reportedly called the Red Hat Certification as a prominent program for Linux certifications. The publication had liked that this certification was performance-based and candidates have to perform tasks on a live system to pass.

Is it achievable?

Every year, professionals are trying to differentiate themselves from other IT experts by going for the Red Hat Certifications. While some are not successful on their first try, people who can put in the time and effort can succeed and go on to reap the benefits. Even though the certification takes determination and focus to finish, it is not unachievable. This is because the exam is completely practical. It is designed in a way for you to showcase your talents. 

All you have to do is practice regularly, time yourself and leave enough time in the end to check your work. Lastly, your confidence is all you will have in that examination hall. Use this confidence and the skills you learnt throughout the course and you will have the certificate in your hands in no time!

Red Hat future prospects

Red Hat Certified Professionals are the leading experts in IT products and solutions. With an average of eight years of experience, Red Hat Certified Professionals have demonstrated their expertise through knowledge and hands-on experience with both products and technologies. These professionals make up a community that is passionate about cloud computing, open-source technology, and application development.

Becoming a Red Hat Certified Professional can be challenging – it requires dedication to learning new skills based on emerging technologies as well as hands-on practice or work with current technologies already in use today. The benefits are significant though — there have been many studies that say people with certifications earn more money than people without them (by 25% for some positions).

Regardless of whether you are at the start of your IT career or already have years of experience on your resume, a Red Hat certification can help you climb up the ladder and land a job that is worthy of your aspirations and skills.

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