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Impact on the employer when he sees the CompTIA Network+ Certification in your resume!

by Sarah Dunsby
12th Jan 19 9:38 am

CompTIA Network+ certification is one of the popular certifications for an individual to get certified on their knowledge and skills they possess related to wireless and wired networks. The course consists of a variety of fields that ensure that the person is able to deploy skills of managing, configuring, troubleshooting, correcting and install wired and wireless networks.

With an understanding of technologies and related network illustrations, a candidate needs to possess a variety of skills like network security, network standards, network documentation, protocols, network identification, network detection, and location tracking, etc.

The CompTIA Network+ Certification is a highly credible certification for on to show on their resume and impress their employers. With a complete background and context related to networking, the course makes an individual eligible to handling network security concepts and operations for a company.

How CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Cleared Resume Impresses the Employer?

CompTIA Network+ certification serves as a building block to advanced skills related to network and is a reliable source for most companies to select their employees. As skills and knowledge determine the capability of a person, it is crucial to have credible certifications on the resume for the employers to select. The CompTIA Network+ Certification proved that a candidate is trained, skilled and certified for the network security operations, security concepts, virtualization techniques, and network resiliency prepaway.biz.

An employer is impressed by CompTIA Network+ Certification for a lot of reasons, some of which can be adhered to the following:

  • Specialization in Network security and service models proves as a credible title to add to the company’s work stream
  • CompTIA Network+ certification is popular for its credibility and excellence of skills
  • The certification covers all the streams of knowledge required for a network engineer or associate to smoothly function with any wired or wireless networking system
  • It also serves as a base to pursuing higher advanced skills, certifications and vendor specific courses which further enables a candidate to be highly skilled for networking services

What skills are acquired through CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam?

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam consists of a syllabus that covers the operation, management, security, troubleshooting and running of the wired and wireless networks. For this, the course has been made into a comprehensive assembly of subjects that polishes skills and instills all the knowledge required related to old networking systems as well as new.

The CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam as a course today consists of a lot of syllabus to be covered. These are divided into broad sections:

Networking concepts

Ports and protocols, defining devices and applications at their OSI layers, routing and switching, IP addressing components, network topologies – types and technologies, wireless technologies and configurations, cloud concepts and purposes, network service functions, etc.


Cabling solutions, placement of networking devices on a network, installation and configuration, advanced networking devices, network storage technologies, virtualization technologies, WAN technologies, etc examsnap.com.

Network Operations

Documentation and diagrams of managing a network, disaster recovery concepts, monitoring, patching and scanning processes, remote access controls/methods, network operation practices, and policies, etc.

Network security

Physical security devices, access controls, authentication methods, basic wireless network, security of a network, network attacks and troubleshooting, network device hardening, mitigation techniques, etc.

Network troubleshooting and tools

Troubleshooting methodology, tools of network troubleshooting, wired connectivity, performance and security issues, troubleshooting common network issues, etc.

What is the CompTIA Network+ Certified professionals’ pay scale?

Network+ certification is known for a credible and excellent pay related to the skills that you carry. It gives an upper hand as compared to someone who applies for the same job but without certification. While experience related to the field and work did after procuring the degree stands of due importance, it is also of the crucial understanding that the person should be as much skilled and able to answer the queries at the time of interview to be able to get good pay from the employers. The general pay rate as examined during the last few years related to the CompTIA Network+ Certification is concerned a person is bound to almost get a pay of $45K annually. The pay rate may, however, vary depending on the organization, the type of work and the basic knowledge of the person being offered the job.

How much experience enhances the eligibility criteria?

Experience plays a key role in deciding if a person has practical knowledge of working on the field and has been able to successfully launch their career with the CompTIA Network+ Certification. After being certified with CompTIA Network+, one can easily apply for a job and should procure at least an experience of 1 and a half years to get a credible opportunity to their hands. The initial year might not fetch them the regular salary as derived by most network+ professionals but the due experience will get them to the right pay and designation in no time.

What is the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam’s course module?

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam is a performance-based exam based on multiple choice questions. There are about 90 questions which need to be answered in a spectrum of 90 minutes. A total of 720 score needs to be obtained on a total of 900 for a person to be able to get the certification.

The course can appear through the official CompTIA network+ website on registering and opting for the right course and paying the due fees. This exam requires a minimum time span of 6 months for the preparation and at least a practical experience of having worked with network administration, troubleshooting or support services for a minimum of 9 months.

The networking concepts of the candidate should be sharp enough for them to be able to pass this course with ease.

CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Exam is a credible for network+ certification for the employer to consider the resume and rely on the candidate for their advanced skills and competitiveness for as much as networking concepts, troubleshooting and administering of wireless or wired networks are concerned.

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