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How ITIL certification can help you give a boost to your resume

by Sarah Dunsby
20th Sep 18 9:53 am

ITIL, formerly known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is, unarguably, the best framework consisting of detailed practices for handling, supporting, managing and coordinating IT services in accordance with the needs and requirements of the business. ITIL is widely embraced by small, medium or large IT companies and hence, it becomes more crucial and vital for an individual, who is looking to give a good kick start to his/her career, to go for ITIL certification. In fact, having an ITIL certification has become so necessary these days that many organizations are investing, sponsoring and encouraging their employees to get ITIL certified. If you are still in a dilemma whether to go for an ITIL certification or not; go through the following points to understand the grandness and primacy of garnering an ITIL certification.

Why you should go for ITIL certification?

  • Get a six-figure salary

First things first; everything comes down to money only. So, if you are thinking whether ITIL certification will increment or boost your salary or not then let me tell you that the demand for ITIL certified employees is on the rise. Post getting ITIL certified you will get better job opportunities as compared to your non-certified peers. In fact, ITIL is one of the highest paying IT certifications. At one stage you will be earning a six-figure salary and that too much before then your non-certified peers could reach that level. Now, that’s what we call a big break in career.

  • Get confident within your role in the organization

There are five levels of ITIL certifications namely foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert and master. If you happen to get certified in any or all of these ITIL levels; then you will become more valued in your organization as you would have developed the required skill-set to manage and coordinate the IT services with the needs of the client. Hence, you will immediately rise in stature and become an important asset in your organization. All of this will aid and assist in boosting your confidence within your current as well as future roles in the organization.

  • ITIL is omnipresent

It is an undeniable fact that Information Technology is used, almost, in every industry across the world and wherever there is Information Technology the need for ITIL automatically comes up. Hence, ITIL is accepted internationally, all across the globe, beyond borders. Therefore, if you are ITIL certified you have a plenitude of growth opportunities. Plus, you can easily talk and negotiate with the organization regarding your work location and salary. This takes you way ahead of your non-certified peers in the very beginning of your career.

  • Flexibility in roles

ITIL is a pretty wide and complex framework. Once you have achieved the knowledge of the same your mental horizon also widens and opens up. You will become much flexible in terms of taking up roles within the organization. So, if you are not satisfied in your current role within the organization, you can easily land up another role. Hence, you become much more essential and valuable for the organization. However, please note that for achieving flexibility in roles you need to achieve a higher certification level in ITIL. As an example, if you have the certification for only foundation and practitioner ITIL then you might not have that much flexibility but once you move up the levels you become fully equipped and skilled enough to take up as many roles in the organization as you want.

  • Organizations will get better ROI by hiring you

Every organization runs on two things which are cost-saving and profits. When you get ITIL certified you bring both to the table of the organization. Hence, it becomes immediately clear to the organization that by hiring you they will be receiving a better return on their investment as you will be already having the necessary knowledge and skill-set of ITIL and there will be, absolutely, no need to provide you with additional training or knowledge on that. Therefore, right from the very beginning, you will become a highly-valuable employee of the organization.

  • ITIL is, indeed, worth investing in

If you are already working in an organization and looking for providing a boost to your career there might be a lot of options present in front of you. It may become difficult to choose from those many options. However, going for ITIL certification is, indeed, worth the effort as no other alternative can provide you the quick growth and career progression which ITIL certification can provide.


By now, you must have understood completely that going for ITIL certification is, indeed, worth an effort. So, what are you waiting for now? Go for ITIL certification and achieve a progressive level of growth in your career.


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