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Prepaway – 8 reasons why Cisco CCNP R&S Certificaation is so popular

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13th May 19 10:20 am

The Cisco CCNP R&S certification is a very popular credential among IT professionals globally. It opens up unlimited opportunities for those in the IT field.The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certificate validates the ability to verify, plan, troubleshoot and implement wide-area and local enterprise networks and collaboratively work with the experts on advanced video, wireless, voice and security solutions. It is an appropriate certification for those professionals with one or more years of experience and those who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge and work independently on complicated network solutions.

Prepaway credential demonstrates that you have the skills needed to take up enterprise positions, such as a network technician, a system engineer, a support engineer, or a network engineer.The switching and routing protocol skills from Cisco CCNP R&S provide a lasting, solid foundation since the knowledge is equally important in today’s physical networks and the virtualized network functions of the future. This is one of the reasons why the popularity of this certification has grown and will continue to grow. There are so many other tangible reasons why the Cisco CCNP R&S certificate is popular. Let us take a look at some of them.

1. Job availability

Compared to the non-certified professionals, the Prepaway certified specialists generally have high job availability. This is why many people continue to enroll for the CCNP Routing and Switching certification program. After getting this Cisco credential, you can qualify for a number of jobs like a Network Technician, a Support Engineer anda Network Engineer. And as you know, jobs have become hard to come by these days in many countries. So, if you are dreaming of taking up the positioned named here, you should also enroll for the Cisco CCNP R&S certificate.

2. Attractive resume

As you know, a resume is what speaks about your work experience, skills, knowledge and education level. It speaks about what you have achieved in your life. So, it should be as attractive as possible. Adding the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification to your CV makes it more attractive. It will help you stand out from your peers. After all, the resume is the only thing that separates you from other PrepAway.com IT professionals with the same qualifications, education level, skills and experience as you have.

Once someone’s resume is added with the Cisco CCNP R&S certification, he or she will be more than ready and able to work in big, reputable organizations. Many employers, if not all, believe that such specialists are great assets to the organization. With this credential in your CV, the potential employers will know that you have the potential to bring improvements to the organization and carry it to the top. As everyone wants an attractive resume, many people usually enroll for the Cisco CCNP R&S certification so that they can get it and add it to their CV. This has resulted into the increased popularity of this Cisco certificate.

3. High salary

Another reason why Cisco CCNP R&S is so popular is that it comes with potential salary increase for those who are already in the industry. This certificationverifies the professionals currently earn at least 10% more than those employees without this certificate. Getting this credential is an excellent way of increasing your chance to salary increase and this is one thing that makes CCNP R&S very popular among the individuals who want salary increment. This Cisco certification can also avail for you better job opportunities that pay even higher salaries. According to survey, the Cisco CCNP R&S certified network engineers earn about $81,304 annually.

4. Skill recognition

This Cisco certification is also popular because it recognizes that you have acquired the advanced skills and knowledge in networking. Getting certified from Cisco, which is a reputed, globally recognized organization means that you have gained the best quality training and skills. In today’s world, our life is literally surrounded with technology. This therefore means that for anyone to grow in their career, they have to keep in touch with emerging technology. Actually, this is exactly what the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching certification does and it is one of the reasons it is so popular.

5. International placements

All Cisco certifications including CCNP R&S are globally recognized and are highly valued and offer unlimited job opportunities worldwide. The Cisco CCNP R&S certificate is popular because it offers better job opportunities and the CCNP R& certified professionals can apply for and work in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom,the USA, Dubai and India.

6. Self-confidence

Everyone craves for self-confidence and anything that can offer it typically becomes popular. This is the same case with the CCNP R&S certification. Obtaining this Cisco credential builds up an individual’s confidence to perform tasks and/or to apply for the position or job that they desire. The skills and knowledge that you acquire through the Cisco CCNP R&S certificate program build your morale to work confidently with new networking technologies.

7. Advanced training

The Cisco CCNP R&S certification is not just about passing the three exams associated with it. The program involves training in several areas of networking. The certification program provides training which increases your knowledge and also shows you exactly how the real work is done. During the training process, the candidates gain experience and knowledge that make them ready not only for a number of career opportunities but also for advancements in their career. The certification is popular because many professionals are interested in advancing their knowledge and career and it is what the certification program provides to its applicants.

8. Opportunity to get more advanced certifications

Just like many Cisco certifications, CCNP R&S also acts as a stepping stone for obtaining advanced credentials. Getting this certification opens up a whole new path specifically in your career and you get a chance to grow and get advanced training and more prestigious Cisco certificates. The professionals who are working with Cisco products and want to gain advanced knowledge and skills usually enroll for Cisco certification programs such as CCNP R&S in order to get the ticket to advance to the next level of training.


If you want to gain the benefits that come with the Cisco CCNP R&S certification such as the ones mentioned above, simply enroll for it today and join millions of professionals who are enjoying the advantages that make this credential so popular.

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