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Ten gift cards to choose for payout from paid surveys

by Sarah Dunsby
10th Jun 24 3:24 pm

Gift cards are a great way to control your spending habits or purchase luxuries with little money. What’s even better is that there are ways to acquire them for free. Paid online surveys are one of the best methods. This article will answer whether you should choose gift cards and which ones are best.

Why choose gift cards from paid surveys?

Paid online surveys are a great method of earning some side income on your way to work or while waiting for commercials to end. Most participants are able to earn at least $15 per month with active use in platforms like Pawns.app or Branded Surveys.

However, the payout choice can significantly impact how much you earn in the end. Choosing a traditional bank transfer might involve some hefty bank service fees. Most paid survey platforms are international and have their offices abroad. So you can expect international transfer fees and, unfortunately, delays.

Even worse is that if you consistently earn enough, you might need to pay taxes. Depending on your country, it might lower your earnings by more than 10 percent. Not to mention, you’ll have to deal with various forms to declare the income.

PayPal is a bit better, but it still has significant fees and regional limitations, and it won’t help you to lower the tax burden. The same can be said about cryptocurrencies, which also require significant know-how to use properly.

That leaves gift cards as the safest option. The only drawbacks are that they have an expiration date and might be region-limited. Choosing your gift cards wisely is the best way to solve both of these problems. Below are ten gift card options you should consider.

Walmart gift cards

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Walmart is the biggest grocery store chain in the United States. It might even be the largest chain in the whole world, with over five thousand stores globally.

Virtual gift cards you’ll get from answering online surveys will work in physical stores too. It’s guaranteed you’ll find something to spend them on.

Costco gift cards

Costco is an option for those who buy in bulk. Just as with Walmart, Costco has thousands of stores in all states and in most major cities. Taking their gift cards as a payment option is a safe choice as you are likely to buy groceries or electronics there anyway.

Sephora gift cards

Sometimes, more specialized stores are a great option for saving money. If you or your special one spend a lot on fashion and beauty products, a Sephora gift card is one of the best options. It’s a French retailer that ships these products worldwide.

Getting top brands was never that easy, although it’s still expensive. Luckily, some paid survey platforms offer Sephora gift cards. Pawns.app, for example, offers a way to get $10 worth of Sephora gift cards just by sharing your internet and answering surveys. Check for more information on their website.

Amazon gift cards

Perhaps the most popular gift cards are Amazon vouchers. Amazon has the largest selection of goods and ships them worldwide. You can’t make a mistake by choosing Amazon gift cards, as it’s guaranteed you’ll find something to spend the money on. They are so popular that they started to float around as an internet currency and even have a resale value.

Netflix gift cards

The standard ad-supported Netflix subscription already costs $7 dollars. The premium subscription already costs well over $20 dollars. Such an increase since Netflix first launched is more than double the original price. Surely, it’s one of the first things you want to cancel when on a budget.

But you might not have to cut your entertainment time if you have some paid surveys to answer. Platforms offer generous Netflix gift card options. A few surveys per day for a week, and you can get a standard subscription worth a gift card.

Xbox Live gift cards

My kids constantly beg me to buy them new games on their consoles. The only option I found to stop it is to purchase a subscription service for games, such as Xbox Live or Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo equivalents.

You pay a flat fee every month, and your kids get to play games that they want, along with some new titles now and then. Of course, it costs way more than I would want to, so getting some Xbox Live gift cards from paid surveys is a huge help.

Google Play store gift cards

Just as with console and PC games, smartphone apps might also be expensive. They look cheap, but when your youngest starts spending in-game money, it gets out of control quickly. Getting some Play Store gift cards for completed surveys solved this problem for me.

Starbucks gift cards

I spend a lot of money on coffee. Every other day, while on route to work, I grab a cup from a local Starbucks. It’s definitely uneconomical, but I just can’t help it. Rather than cutting this habit, I complete some surveys on the train to finance it with Starbucks gift cards.

Uber gift cards

For those who move around frequently, Uber is a major expense. After you add your card to the app, spending money is all too easy. Using a gift card to cap your spending is a great compromise.

Airbnb gift cards

You can save money while on vacation with paid surveys. Airbnb gift cards are unlikely to cover all your expenses for a longer accommodation. But writing off a hundred or so dollars from the final bill is definitely helpful.


The options are plenty, and the names are well-known. You are likely to spend money on at least some of these services. Instant delivery and no fees or taxes are a great addition to this wide selection. If you are still unconvinced of the utility of free gift cards from paid surveys, just give them a try.

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