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Sunak increases defence budget by £75 billion and warns the world is ‘more volatile and dangerous’

23rd Apr 24 3:14 pm

The Prime Minister has warned on Tuesday that the world is now “more volatile and dangerous” since the Cold War.

As such Rishi Sunak has pledged to raise the UK’s defence budget to 2.5% of GDP by 2023 whilst he was on a plane travelling to Poland on Tuesday.

There are growing threats globally and some experts are warning that we are on the edge of another world war, but Sunak said “we’re not on the brink of war, nor do we seek it.”

He said that the dangers the world faces today should not be “overstated” and that the UK “cannot and must not be complacent.”

The Prime Minister said in his speech in Poland that this is “the biggest strengthening of our national defence for a generation.”

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Sunak said that the UK’s fighting forces will receive an extra £75 billion and said his move is “generational,” adding, “This is not some vague aspiration for the future,” he says.

“We have a clear plan for what we’ll spend, when we’ll spend it and how we pay for it.

A plan that makes the UK by far the largest defence power in Europe and second largest in NATO.

He said during his speech that today is a “landmark moment” for the defence of the UK.

Sunak added, “This is a generational investment in British security and British prosperity that makes us safer at home and stronger abroad.”

Speaking of the US he said that we cannot “keep expecting” America to pay for our security and keep picking up the bill.

Sunak said, “We cannot keep expecting America to pay any price or bear any burden if we ourselves are unwilling to make greater sacrifices for our own security.”

“If 2.5% becomes a new benchmark for all NATO partners to reach, allied defence spending would increase by over £140bn,” he added.

He concluded that “we did not choose this moment, but it is up to us to meet it,” making reference to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine which threatens the security for Europe.

The Prime Minister warned that the “world is less safe than it has been in decades” and the UK has to up the ability to defend itself.

The former Armed Forces Minister said that the increase in the defence budget spending is “hugely needed” and he welcomed the news.

Writing on X James Heappey said, “All eyes on the PM’s press conference. This is ENORMOUS news and hugely needed in the MoD [Ministry of Defence].”

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