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Armed Forces Minister warns a ‘very lethal attack’ at Kabul Airport could happen ‘within hours’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
26th Aug 21 10:16 am

The Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has warned that Kabul Airport could see a “very lethal” attack within hours.

Heappey told Sky News that intelligence reveals the threat is “very imminent, very credible and very lethal.”

He said, Intelligence over the course of the week has become more certain around a highly imminent lethal attack on the airport or the handling centre being used by Western forces.”

He was asked if this terrorist attack could happen within hours, and said, “Yes.”

He added, “Islamic State is acutely aware that there is a closing window for people to leave, that is concentrating people towards the airport and that is giving them an opportunity to do something that would regard as spectacular.

“We would regard this as absolutely abhorrent.”

Heappey told the BBC this morning that the threat is “imminent” and “severe” which is why the Foreign Office have changed their advice.

He told the BBC, “There is now very, very credible reporting of an imminent attack, and hence why the Foreign Office advice was changed last night, that people should not come to Kabul Airport, they should move to a safe place and await further instructions.

“I can only say that the threat is severe. We will do our best to protect those who are there.

“There is every chance that as further reporting comes in, we may be able to change the advice and process people anew, but there is no guarantee of that.”

The Ministry of Defence have said that almost 11,5000 people have now been evacuated from Afghanistan since 13 August under Operation Pitting.

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