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Iran ‘will be’ hit with an ‘E-bomb’ as Tehran warns Israel’s embassies are ‘no longer safe’

8th Apr 24 6:21 am

Iran has warned they will attack Israel after a deadly strike killed an Iranian general in Syria.

On Tuesday Tehran accused Israel and the US for being “responsible” for the strike that killed an Iranian general as the consulate building in Damascus, Syria.

The Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate killed general Ali Reza Zahdi who is also the former leader of the so-called elite Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria.

A security expert has warned that if this were to happen then Israel “will” use a new Electro Magnetic Pulse bomb (EMP) against Iran.

Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu could end up using the E-bomb as a last resort which will be a “very unconventional response.”

A military defence expert who did not want to be named told the Daily Star, “If Iran does decide to attack Israel directly by attacking strategic sites in Israel, there is going to be a very unconventional response from Israel.

“For the first time ever in history, a new type of bomb will be used. It’s called the Electromagnetic bomb (E-bomb).

“It will be used against Teheran and other major centres in Iran. It will also be used in the areas where the Iranian nuclear facilities are found.

An EMP blast itself will not kill anyone, however the effects of the damage can “literally” cause devices to “blow apart” as it emits extremely high voltage and current surges, which will take our semiconductor components.

The EMP blast could be capable of damaging trees, building and aircraft within the vicinity, however with Israel’s new E-bomb it is not known what the range and height would be.

He said, the E-bomb would be used “To destroy Iran‘s ability to literally function could be key for Israel.

“Fighting another war, but this time against a much bigger enemy in Iran, is not something the world needs as it could spill over into a real world war however, Israel‘s only hope could be the EMP bombs, as it would allow time for them and everyone else to regroup and figure out the next steps.”

At the funeral of General Zahedi who was killed in the consulate in Syria was buried on Friday, and Iran’s joint chief of staff Gen Mohammad Bagheri, said they will decide how to attack Israel.

On Sunday one of the senior advisers to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that they could attack Israeli embassies.

Yahya Rahim Safavi told Iran’s Isna news agency, “The embassies of the Zionist regime are no longer safe.”

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