Ryanair compensation claims to go to court


Just hours after the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said it is taking legal action against Ryanair over its refusal to compensate thousands of UK-based customers, the budget airline has responded saying: “Courts in Germany, Spain and Italy have already ruled that strikes are an ‘exceptional circumstance’ and EU261 compensation does not apply.

“We expect the UK CAA and Courts will follow this precedent,” it added.

Ryanair flights were cancelled or delayed over the summer because of strikes by its pilots and cabin crew. The CAA says they are entitled to compensation under EU law. However, Ryanair argues the strike action amounts to “extraordinary circumstances” and that therefore, it does not have to pay.

More Ryanair passengers have put in compensation claims for cancellations or delays to arbitration this year than any other airline. Figures from the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service showed the airline accounted for the largest proportion – 30% – of all appeals.