Home Business News Russian general warns Putin will ‘inevitably’ fire ‘nuclear weapons’ to claim victory in Ukraine

Russian general warns Putin will ‘inevitably’ fire ‘nuclear weapons’ to claim victory in Ukraine

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
5th Sep 23 2:24 pm

A Russian general has warned that Vladimir Putin will “inevitably” use “nuclear weapons” in Ukraine for their survival to declare victory.

Major-General Alexander Vladimirov, 78, who is the author of the “war bible” and also wrote the General Theory of War said in an interview that a nuclear bomb will be dropped.

He told pro-war pundit Vladislav Shurygin on the VK social media platform that “only one thing is needed” and that is to press the button which will be a “political decision by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief,” Putin.

The Kremlin official said, “The goals of Russia and the goals of the West are their survival and historical eternity.

“And this means that in the name of this, all means of armed struggle available to them will be used, including such a tool as their nuclear weapons.”

General Vladimirov added, “I am sure that nuclear weapons will be used in this war – inevitably, and from this neither we nor the enemy have anywhere to go.

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“The sooner our politicians and leadership realise this, the sooner we start to train troops and the population for this – the more chances we will have for survival, which means victory.

“If you want a long and strong peace, bury the hatchet on the territory of the enemy along with him. So, we need to be prepared…Prepare the Army, the State, the Economy and the population of the country.”

He then claimed that Ukraine’s counteroffensive has failed and that they have lost tens of thousands of soldiers since the start of the war last year.

He said, “During the last month alone 34 command points of the Ukrainian army were destroyed.. from the start of the so-called counteroffensive the enemy’s losses exceeded 66,000 men and 7,600 ammunition units.

“During the last month, Russia downed 159 [Ukrainian] HIMARS missiles, 13 cruise missiles and over a 1,000 drones.”

At the end of August Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, warned of an “apocalypse” because Ukrainian forces are attacking Crimea.

Medvedev said on Telegram, “Ukrainian criminals announced that they received approval for any strikes throughout Russia, ‘for example, [to attack – ed.] Crimea.’

“If this is true (and there is no reason to doubt it now), then this is direct, legally significant evidence of the West’s complicity in the war against Russia on the side of Stepan Bandera’s state [Stepan Bandera was a leader of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists, whom the Russians are afraid of – ed.].

“Sophisticated casus belli, and the opportunity for Russia to act within the jus ad bellum against everyone and everything in the NATO countries.

“Sad, unfortunately. The prophecies of the Apocalypse are getting closer.”

Medvedev has previously warned the West hat Russia will not accept any solution but that of total defeat of Ukraine.

He said, the West must halt all their efforts to stop Russia from overpowering Ukraine or there will be severe consequences.

This is a reminder that there are high stakes involved in the Ukrainian war and Russia must be stopped dead in their tracks, or we could face a wider conflict.

Medvedev wrote in the Kremlin-owned newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta, “You don’t have to be a visionary to understand that the confrontation phase will be very long.

“The confrontation will last for decades… One way to resolve it is the third world war.

“But it is bad, because the victors are not at all guaranteed further prosperity, as was the case after previous world wars… Most likely, there will simply be no winners.

“After all, it is impossible to consider as a victory the world in which nuclear winter has come, million-plus cities lie in ruins, there is no electricity due to the transcendent electromagnetic impulse, and a huge number of people die from the shock wave, light radiation, penetrating radiation and radioactive contamination.

“Where terrible epidemics and famine reign.”

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