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For the ‘first time in history’ a British Challenger 2 tank ‘destroyed’ after ‘being blown up’ in Ukraine

by LLB staff reporter
5th Sep 23 11:31 am

A British Challenger 2 main battle tank has been “destroyed” for the “first time in history” after being blown up in Ukraine in the hot zone of Robotyne where there is a 600 mile frontline.

The British trained 82nd and 46th Ukrainian brigades who are believed to be fighting on the front in Robotyne are equipped with the Challenger 2 tanks which were received this year.

A video has now emerged showing a Challenger 2 destroyed and burning with thick black smoke billowing from it and it is not known if the crew survived.

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Pro-Russian military blogger channels on Telegram said, “It seems that the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) will have to change the description of the Challenger on its official website.”

The MoD says on their website that the Challenger 2 main battle tanks has “never suffered losses” in Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia.

Commentator Mikhail Zvinchuk, said, “At the beginning of the video, the hulk of a burning tank is visible, and in visual outline it looks like a British Challenger 2 .

“This type of armoured vehicle has not yet appeared at the front, and this may be the first recorded case of its destruction.”

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