Home Business News Russia will ‘generate a stockpile’ of missiles for winter attacks to ‘starve and freeze people to death’

Russia will ‘generate a stockpile’ of missiles for winter attacks to ‘starve and freeze people to death’

by LLB staff reporter
18th Sep 23 3:16 pm

British intelligence have said that Russian forces have reduced the number of missiles being launched on Ukraine.

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) believe that Vladimir Putin will “likely” build up a “significant stockpile” of missiles for attacks on energy infrastructure over the winter months.

The MoD believe that Moscow are stockpiling cruise missiles to bombard Ukrainian energy infrastructure in an attempt to “starve” and freeze Ukrainians “to death” this winter.

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British intelligence said that Russia has reduced the use of air-launched cruise missiles (ALCM) to save them and Moscow has ramped up production.

The MoD said, “Since April 2023, ALCM expenditure rates have reduced while Russian leaders have highlighted efforts to increase the rate of cruise missile production.

“Russian is, therefore, likely to be able to generate a significant stockpile of ALCMs. There is a realistic possibility that Russia will again focus these weapons against Ukrainian infrastructure targets.”

Germany’s foreign minister Annalena Baerbock warned that Russia wants to “starve” people and “let them freeze to death” this winter by targeting energy facilities.

Last winter Russia sent a constant stream of cruise missiles to target key sites between October and March, Moscow knows exactly where the energy facilities are based because they built them.

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