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Russian agents are killing their own comrades for Ukrainian partisans for ‘material benefits’

by LLB staff reporter
18th Sep 23 2:20 pm

Russian soldiers are killing their own comrades as some of them are working for Ukrainian partisans blew up “two trucks with personnel” who were destroyed.

ATESH who are a partisan movement of Ukrainians and Crimean Tartars recruited Russian soldiers in exchange for a life abroad and money.

Russian agents are killing their own for money and the possibility of “leaving Ukraine and the EU,” partisans have claimed.

ATESH have claimed that a Russia soldier put 10 kilograms of explosives between two military trucks at a base in the occupied city of Hnicheck, Kherson, the Kyiv Post reported.

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ATESH said on Telegram, “Result: two trucks with personnel were destroyed.”

An ATESH spokesperson told the Kyiv Post, that Russian troop are increasingly working with the partisans.

The spokesperson added, “The Russians, in turn, agree to cooperate for material benefits and the possibility of leaving for Ukraine and the EU.”

The spokesperson continued and told the Post, the operation took over month to plan and they deliberately timed it to commence at 8 am, as they knew “the Russian military were tired and not as attentive as they could be.”

Information was gathered up in the operation of the location of the vehicles and where the Russian troops would be, and with the help of the partisans the soldier “hid a 10-kg gift there.”

Adding, “The human factor also worked this place has long been used by the invaders, so they did not expect danger so far from the front.”

Following the explosion two truck loads of Russian troops were killed with four in hospital who remain in a serious condition.

The spokesperson said that the Russian agent “successfully” left Henichesk and that “decisions are being made on their transfer to the territory controlled by Ukraine.”

The partisan group claimed that Vladimir Putin’s forced mobilisation of locals in occupied territory is far from working.

“Among the Russians mobilised there are not only Russians but also Ukrainians,” the spokesperson added.

“The peculiarity of our movement is that we recruited a lot of people during the general mobilisation in September last year.

“Therefore, we have many of our people in the Russian army.”

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