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Russia ‘successfully’ test fires the ‘The world’s most powerful global-range Satan-2 nuclear missile’

by LLB Reporter
18th Nov 22 3:30 pm

Moscow has announced on Friday afternoon that they have been “successful” in test firing the “world’s most powerful” global range “Satan-2 nuclear missile.”

The RS-28 Sarmat missile would hit it’s target at almost 16,000mph was successfully launched for the second time this year, Colonely General Sergei Karakaev said.

Zvezda said, the Colonel General made the announcement at the Military Council of the Strategic Missile Forces in Moscow.

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The Russian defence ministry said, “According to the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakaev, the active re-equipment of the Strategic Missile Forces with modern missile systems continues.

“[They] successfully conducted flight tests of the missile system ‘Sarmat’.”

The nuclear missile holds 15 warheads and Vladimir Putin said in April this year that the Satan-2 can “break through any defences” and it will “force those who try to threaten Russia to think twice.”

Dmitry Rogozin, the former director of Russian space agency Roscosmo said in May this year, “The world’s most powerful global-range nuclear-tipped missile is being prepared for new tests.”

Moscow has previously bragged that “Satan-2” can overcome any missile defence system in the world.

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