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Ukraine causes ‘significant damage’ to a Russian guided cruise missile factory

by LLB staff reporter
2nd Oct 23 4:01 pm

Ukraine’s Main Directorate of Intelligence agency (GUR) have claimed responsibility for launching kamikaze drones on a cruise missile attack, near to Smolensk.

The drones hit the Smolensk Aviation Plant on Sunday evening which caused “significant damage” which will be a blow for Russian forces.

Smolensk is near to Russia’s border with Belarus and is roughly 250 miles west of Moscow.

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The factory makes the KH-59 guided cruise missiles which have a two-stage solid-fuel propulsion system which has a range of 200km range, which cost around $600,000 each.

The KH-59 cruise missiles have been used to destroy Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure and civilian targets and are being used to blow up electricity power plants.

The GUR claimed that three out of four kamikaze drones hit the factory which caused “significant damage to the production facilities of the military enterprise of the aggressor state.”

The GUR said on Telegram, “The Kh-59 missile of the ‘air-to-surface’ class with a range of up to 280 km is one of those that the Russian Aerospace Forces most often fire at military and civilian objects in Ukraine.

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