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Putin has ‘strategically lost’ the war and is ‘running out of people’ only for ‘tiny’ gains which is a ‘dreadful mistake’

17th Jun 22 11:29 am

Vladimir Putin’s war in the Ukraine is failing as Russia has “strategically lost” and Russian forces are “running out of people.”

Russia is now a “more diminished power” and Putin has lost 25% of Russia’s land power for “tiny” gains, the head of the UK’s armed forces, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin said.

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Sir Tony said Russia are running out of troops fast as they have lost tens of thousands of soldiers in less than four months, and he warned that Russia will never be able to take over all of Ukraine.

Sir Tony said, “This is a dreadful mistake by Russia – (it) has strategically lost already.

“NATO is stronger – Finland and Sweden are looking to join.”

The head of the UK’s armed forces added, “The Russian machine is grinding away, and it’s gaining a couple of – two, three, five – kilometres every day.

“And that’s tough for Ukraine, but this is going to be a long fight. And we’re supporting Ukraine, Ukraine has shown how courageous it really is.

“And Russia has vulnerabilities because it’s running out of people, it’s running out of high-tech missiles.”

Sir Tony praised Ukrainian forces and said, “They’re ingenious in terms of how they’re taking the fight to the Russians.

“But they’re also honest people, with saying actually they need some help.”

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