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Putin convenes Security Council to consider ‘neutralisation of threats to national security’ as NATO is ‘de-facto involved in the war’

19th Oct 22 12:35 pm

Vladimir Putin has convened his Security Council on short notice on Wednesday to discuss the “neutralisation of threats to national security.”

Putin who is the chairman of Russia’s Security Council and the deputy chairman Dmitry Medvedev will deliver a report of their findings later today.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday morning, “It’s planned to consider issues related to the neutralisation of threats to national security in the migration area and the regulation of migration processes in the interests of the socio-economic development of the country and socio-political stability.”

It remains unclear what threats they are referring too, however the Kremlin has constantly refereed to NATO and Western allies being “de-facto involved” in the war by supplying deadly weaponry to Kyiv.

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Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s press secretary, has said that “NATO is de-facto involved in the Ukrainian conflict but it does not affect Russia’s goals,” adding, the “Russian potential” allows the occupiers to continue the war in Ukraine.

Peskov warned on Tuesday that annexed regions in Ukraine are “inalienable” parts of the Russian Federation and they are all “protected” with nuclear weapons.

The Kremlin’s spokesman said, “All these territories are inalienable parts of the Russian Federation and they are all protected.

“Their security is provided for at the same level as the rest of Russia’s territory.”

The US and other Western allies have been sharing intelligence with Kyiv and the heads of Ukrainian forces which has helped them gain momentum in pushing back Russian forces.

The Russian backed regional Mayor of Kherson, Vladimir Saldo has accused Ukraine on Wednesday of “declaring war” on the Russian Federation.

Saldo wrote on Telegram, “You all know that Ukraine has declared total, uncompromising war on Russia, on all of us.

“We all know how hard the Donbass endures daily shelling, how many innocent people die from artillery and rocket attacks on peaceful cities.

“Kyiv is preparing a similar fate for Kherson. The Ukrainian side is building up forces for a large-scale offensive.

“The Russian Federation has formed a military group to repel this offensive.

“The battlefield of this confrontation can be our land, peaceful cities and villages of the Kherson region.

“There is an immediate danger of flooding of the territories due to the planned destruction of the Kakhovskaya HPP dam and the release of water from a cascade of power plants upstream of the Dnieper.

“In such a situation, I made a difficult but correct decision to announce the organized movement of the civilian population of Berislav, Belozersky, Snigiryovsky and Aleksandrovsky municipalities to the left bank of the Dnieper.”

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