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Putin approved Wagner to train ‘Hamas militants for an attack on Israel’ in ‘assault tactics and Kamikaze drones’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Oct 23 3:37 pm

Ukrainian intelligence and Russia’s anti Vladimir Putin channel has said that the Kremlin approved for Wagner Group and the Redut private military company (PMC) to train and “prepare Hamas for an attack on Israel.”

Ukraine’s national resistance centre has claimed that Wagner trained Hamas in assault tactics and the use of Kamikaze drones, after receiving intelligence by Russian and Belarusian forces.

Russian anti-Putin channel General SVR, has said that Wagner Group has been actively involved in training Hamas, that was approved by the Kremlin.

The SVR channel said, “Representatives of the Wagner PMC [Private Military Company] and the Redut PMC took part in the preparation of Hamas militants for an attack on Israel, in coordination with the Russian leadership.”

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Ukrainian army’s special operations forces, said, “Instructors of the Russian internationally-recognised criminal organisation Wagner PMC trained militants of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas to attack Israel.”

During the Summer, Wagner fighters which were at the time billeted in Belarus had then left for Africa.

Once Wagner mercenaries were in Africa, they were “involved in training and transferring combat experience to Hamas militants,” according to Kyiv officials.

The spokesman for Ukraine’s national resistance centre said, “Key training areas for Hamas militants were assault training and the use of small drones to drop explosive materials,”

“Only the Russians, among allies of Hamas, have experience in using drones with mechanisms for dropping explosives on enemy equipment.

“This is exactly what the Wagner mercenaries trained Hamas militants to do during exercises in Africa.”

Ukrainian intelligence said on Monday, “The Russian intelligence service has already transferred to Hamas terrorists captured weapons made in the United States and EU countries captured during the fighting in Ukraine.

“The next step, according to the Russians’ plan, should be fake accusations of the Ukrainian military of selling Western weapons to terrorists on a regular basis.”

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry added, “As part of Vladimir Putin’s disinformation campaign, the fake accusations must form the basis for a number of “revelatory publications” and “investigations” in the Western media.

“For credibility, the Russian special services intend to use the relevant comments of the traitor from the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, senior lieutenant Ruslan Syrovoy, who recently fled to Moscow.

“Another provocation of the enemy is aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the complete cessation of military assistance to our state from Western partners.”

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