Home Business News Israeli forces ‘striking from sea to land’ to ‘neutralise Hamas terrorists from Hamas’ naval force’

Israeli forces ‘striking from sea to land’ to ‘neutralise Hamas terrorists from Hamas’ naval force’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
10th Oct 23 1:47 pm

Israel’s Air Force (IAF) and Navy have conducted thousands of strikes in Gaza and the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) have moved to a different “counterattack method” and are “striking in waves” against Hamas terrorists.

The Israeli’s are using every piece of intelligence to “maximise damage” on Hamas, their senior commanders and their homes.

The Israeli Navy have been “striking from sea to land” and many Hamas fighters have been “neutralized” on the beaches or in their boats.

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IDF Spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said on Tuesday that the IAF have now adopted a “different counterattack method” on targets in the Gaza Strip.

Hagari said, “The IDF has shifted to a different counterattack method and is striking in waves.

“Tens of Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft have struck aerially every four hours over the past 36 hours.

“The IAF has all its reserve personnel manning aircraft both in the headquarters and the squadrons on a wise scale.”

He added that the IAF conducted thousands of strikes using thousands of munitions inside Gaza targeting Hammas terrorist command posts.

Hagari said, “We are using every piece of intelligence to maximize damage to meeting spots for terrorists planning to invade Israel, houses belonging to senior Hamas commanders, terrorist operational centers and headquarters and terrorist infrastructure.”

The IDF spokesperson insisted, “Hamas terrorists will find no shelter in Gaza, we will find them wherever they are.”

Hagari said the IAF have been conducting strikes, “the Israeli Navy has been operating in the maritime arena, striking from sea to land.

“Terrorist operatives have attempted to dive, swim and utilize boats to attack through Israel’s Zikim Beach. They have failed. There are tens of neutralized Hamas terrorists from the Hamas’ naval force on the Beach or on boats,” Alarabiya reported.

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