Home Business News NATO member sends hundreds of armed reinforcements to Belarus border as Wagner fighters ‘are most prepared’

NATO member sends hundreds of armed reinforcements to Belarus border as Wagner fighters ‘are most prepared’

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Jul 23 12:01 pm

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that Wagner fighters are “good” for Belarus and the army as they are “not a threat” to their country.

Lukashenko who is Vladimir Putin’s staunchest allies, said the Wagner mercenary are “the most prepared” fighters who have fought all over the world.

Lukashenko said at an event marking the Belarusian Independence Day, “If it were possible to invite them (Wagner fighters) here at their expense, this would be good for our army.

“These are the most prepared people.

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“They say: ‘They are prisoners’. Listen, all the servicemen who were there, the convicted ones, they have already died, unfortunately.

“And one more nuance that they (Western countries) do not want to explain: the convicts were released from custody in Russia only for the Russian frontline.”

However, in response a NATO country announced on Sunday that they are stepping up security on the Belarus border.

The Polish Minister of Interior Mariusz Kamiski said that an extra 500 highly trained armed police will join the 5,000 border guards.

On the Polish Belarus border there is also 2,000 soldiers to defend Poland along the 250-mile-long border.

Kamiński wrote on Twitter on Sunday, “Due to the tense situation on the border with Belarus, I decided to reinforce our forces with a group of 500 officers from Polska Policja from riot control units and counter-terrorists.

“They will join 5,000 functions and 2,000 soldiers guarding the security of this border.”

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyńsk announced last week that due to the presence of Wagner forces being sent to Belarus as Yevgeny Prigozhin is now exiled there, decisions have now been made for the defence of the eastern border.

Other NATO members, Lithuania and Latvia have also said that they are to enhance their security along the 775 mile border as a result of Wagner fighters being in Belarus.

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