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Sunak makes it ‘clear’ he will ‘ignore’ European Courts of Human Rights and send asylum seekers to Rwanda

18th Jan 24 12:56 pm

The Prime Minister has made it “crystal clear” he will “ignore” European Courts of Human Rights (ECHR) and international law to ensure asylum seekers are sent to Rwanda.

Rish Sunak managed to get his Rwanda Bill pushed through the Hour of Commons despite Tory rebels on Wednesday evening.

Sunak insisted last night that the vote shows the Conservative Party are “completely united” and now under the plan asylum seekers could now be sent to Rwanda.

Sunak believes that the Conservative Party are “completely united in wanting to stop the boats,” buy two rebel sources told Sky News that “no confidence” letters have been submitted against the Prime Minister.

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Sunak claims that his plan will stop boats coming across the English Channel, but on Wednesday a further 358 asylum seekers arrived in the UK.

Sunak has said that he will not comply with the ECHR on Rule 39 orders, which can be issued when there is a “real risk of serious and irreversible harm.”

Sunak was asked the press conference if he will ignore rulings by the ECHR, he said, “I’ve been crystal clear repeatedly that I won’t let a foreign court stop us from getting flights off and getting this deterrent up and running.

“The bill specifically contains a power that makes clear that ministers are the ones that make these decisions. Parliament has supported that.

“[The bill also] makes it perfectly clear that the domestic courts should respect that decision.”

He added, “I would not have put that clause in the bill if I was not prepared to use it. So, look, if you’re asking me are there circumstances in which I will ignore rule 39, then answer is clearly yes.”

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