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President Trump to ban Chinese TikTok app

by Peter Smyth Tech Journalist
1st Aug 20 11:05 am

The popular Chinese owned video app TikTok which has now become the latest victim of US-China relations is to be banned in the US over concerns of national security.

The US President told reports on Air Force One, “As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States.”

Trump said that he can use emergency powers or even an executive order to ban the controversial app.

He said that “I have that authority,” and added, “It’s going to be signed tomorrow.”

TikTok issued a statement Friday saying that, “While we do not comment on rumors or speculation, we are confident in the long-term success of TikTok.”

Last month it was alleged that the Chinese Communist Party can access peoples data when using TikTok, by the US secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

TikTok have insisted that these claims are “completely false” as the social media platform is “not available in China,” and all data is held “in the US.”

TikTok’s head of public policy for Europe, Theo Bertram, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme last month,

“TikTok is a company incorporated in the US.

“There is zero truth to the accusations that the Chinese state has access to TikTok users’ data.”

He added that TikTok would “definitely say no” to any requests for data and has been set up in a way to

“give protection to our users from the Chinese government.”
Bertram said, “The suggestion that we are, in any way, under the thumb of the Chinese government is completely and utterly false.”

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